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When should you be concerned about your baby’s poop?


“Is my baby’s poop normal?” If you became a parent in the last 20 years or so, you have probably typed this question into an internet search bar at some point. And if you practice elimination communication, the photos (and some of the advice) that you found were probably less-than-helpful. Today we’re talking about how baby poop can change over the course of your EC journey, and when you might want to seek professional help - without having to look at any poop pictures!


You Will Hear:

  • The stages when baby poop typically changes and how
  • The major difference between what poop looks like in a potty vs a diaper
  • Signs that your baby may have diarrhea
  • Signs that your baby may be constipated
  • When it is important to seek medical help
  • Some tips to help resolve constipation in babies


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Go Diaper Free: my popular EC book that simplifies EC, beginning to end

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How has practicing Elimination Communication affected your ability to monitor your baby’s health through their poop?


xx Andrea

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