Potty Training

End diaper dependence with your toddler

When to Start Potty Training

Potty Training typically starts at 18 months for girls and boys alike. For earlier ages I recommend starting with Elimination Communication.

There are many resources today telling us to wait until your child shows interest in the potty and not wearing diapers. I think differently.

I have a gentle parenting background but a firm conviction that “when the parent is done with diapers, the child can be done with diapers.” The golden window for potty training is 18-30 months, but my book and online resources will help you free yourself from dirty diapers once and for all.

Potty Training Basics

Potty training can be completed as early as 18 months old without using rewards, M&Ms, stickers or force. This is called non-coercive or gentle potty training.


How to Start

The first step to starting Potty Training with your toddler is setting up your gameplan. Obviously, this is most easily done with a solid roadmap and a dose of encouragement.


7 Days to Completion

After working with thousands of parents worldwide with EC, I decided to write my own guide to potty training. Gentle, simple, easy, and better than any guide out there.


"Solid, practical advice for getting your toddler out of diapers and advice for any issue that you encounter along the way. Highly recommended!!"

-A. Cundey


"I got this book AFTER I bought and read Oh Crap Potty Training. Even though we were successful in potty training our EC'd 19mo daughter with OCPT, I wish I had bought this book instead."

-Desert Farmirl

"Having done EC, this book helped with wrapping up the process without too much fuss... and without dragging on the whole thing!"


"Awesome Book! Super easy read. Perfect for getting your little one out of diapers."

-Lindsay Ake "mamakat" 

"Very very good book. The writers style is straight talking and it gave me the confidence to finally ditch the nappies for good."


"Simple, step by step instructions to firmly but gently lead your toddler to freedom from diapers, once and for all."


The Tiny Potty Training Book

A Simple Guide For Non-Coercive Potty Training

A quick, effective, sensible solution to 7-day potty training for those who don’t want to use force, rewards, sticker charts, or M&Ms.