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Boys + EC

Welcome to the Go Diaper Free podcast where we’re all about helping you stop depending on diapers, as early as birth. I’m your host, Andrea Olson, author and mom of 5 babies all ECd from birth, all out of diapers by walking. This is episode 208: Boys + EC EC with boys – is it…

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Baby Sleep!

What if your baby doesn’t “sleep like a baby”? Do you have to go “hard-line” or ditch your own intuition just to survive baby and toddlerhood? What if there was a holistic, science-based approach to helping baby (and you) sleep? Today I interview Nicole from the Baby Sleep Site, who shares the gentle approach she…

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Potty Milestones

Would you love a roadmap detailing exactly what developmental + pottying milestone to expect when? Me, too! That’s why I created my new signature programs, and today I’m sharing a sneak peek! Hear when specific developmental milestones from 6 months to 18 months might happen, and how they mesh perfectly with specific pottying milestones (i.e.,…

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Wet pants! Okay or not okay??

Today I debunk a common myth about wet pants and share what wet pants actually teach us, how to respond (and stay calm!), and when wet pants may not be okay. You will hear: The common myth about wet pants in EC What wet pants can teach baby – and you, the parent When wet…

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How often will my baby pee?

Infant Baby

Did you ever wonder how often Baby will pee at any given age? Or how to go about catching it, especially with a newborn who seems to pee every time you blink? Today I share all about common pee (and poo) intervals for the newborn up to 18 month period, as well as a resource…

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Top 10 Most Frustrating Parts of EC

If only EC was always smooth sailing from start to finish! Thankfully, there’s no need to fret about encountering hiccups – I’ve got your back as I unpack the top 10 most frustrating aspects of EC AND how to un-frustrate them. You will hear: the top 10 most frustrating aspects of EC my short ‘n…

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Wrapping Up 2 Kids at Once (not twins!) with Potty Training

Need to ditch diapers with more than one child? Is a two-in-one experience even possible? YES it is, and today I share ALL.THE.STEPS. to wrapping up (EC and/or potty training) with two kiddos (of different ages) at the same time. (Yes, you can totally use this method even if you haven’t done any EC!) You…

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A Few Thoughts on Nighttime EC

Is it ok to just nurse baby back to sleep in the middle of the night? Or should you offer the potty every time baby stirs? Will you ruin EC if you don’t offer? Will you go crazy with lack of sleep if you do? Today I address a hot topic in the EC community:…

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