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A Few Thoughts on Nighttime EC

Is it ok to just nurse baby back to sleep in the middle of the night? Or should you offer the potty every time baby stirs? Will you ruin EC if you don’t offer? Will you go crazy with lack of sleep if you do? Today I address a hot topic in the EC community:…

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How to Solve Road Trip Potty Resistance

You’ve got places to go, places to be – what to do when little ones won’t pee?? Today I share all my best tips for road trip potty success so you (and babe) can chillax, get back on the road quickly, and keep the fun in family travel. You will hear: my top 9 tricks,…

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Interview with Dr. Bob Sears

Just a heads up that this episode is not about EC. I’ve shared before how deeply I feel we, as parents, have the right to do our due diligence and make the choices that are best for our own families, without coercion, without shaming. Unfortunately, much of the information out there regarding a certain medical…

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Ashley Yeh: Montessori + EC

Ashley Yeh, NAMC-certified Montessori guide, shares how the Montessori method brings order, peace, and confidence to children and their families. Hear Ashley’s EC story and how Montessori and EC maximize potty learning success (spoiler: Ashley did not practice EC full time!) You will hear: where Ashley first heard about Montessori the Montessori mindset and how…

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Meg Faure on Unlocking Sensory Personalities

Meg Faure, Occupational Therapist and infant specialist, shares how parents can go from surviving to thriving by understanding their child’s sensory personality and how that affects sleep, feeding, health, play – and EC! You will hear: Meg’s first exposure to EC one simple tool to boost calmness, understanding, and babies’ motor skills Meg’s guide for…

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Multitasking house chores with EC

How in the world do you get anything done around the house AND and also potty your babe…and not end up with a giant mess on the floor?? Today I’m sharing super-actionable steps to simplify your EC and home-keeping routine (and experience more wins with both, in the process). You will hear: how to EC…

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