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Easy Start Guide for EC

Get the guide that over 10,000 parents worldwide have access to through my email list. A simple one-pager that clearly shows the ins and outs of elimination communication. For ages 0-18 months.

7-day Free Course for Midstream ECers

Over the course of a week or two, get 7 bite-sized tips just for parents who've been doing EC for a little or long while. These are my #1 tips for parents who are midstream with elimination communication, ages 0-18 months.

Free Observation Log

Whether you are just starting EC or you need to get things back on, you have no idea when your baby pees throughout the day! free observation log will definitely help you see the "big picture."

3-day Primer for Starting Potty Training

Over three short days I'll send you 3 of my best nuggets 'o' wisdom to prepare you for potty training (or to help you decide whether now's the time for you). For ages 18 months and up (and sometimes earlier).


Go Diaper Free: A simple handbook for elimination communication

This is the book I most highly recommend...because I wrote it. You see, when I was just starting EC with my first son in 2010, I had a really hard time visualizing what I should be doing. Go Diaper Free is the first multimedia guide to starting, troubleshooting, and completing EC. (for 0-18 month babies)

The Tiny Potty Training Book: A simple guide for non-coercive potty training

And, naturally, when people started finding me later than the 0-18 month window of usual EC, I decided to research and write a book for those with 18 month and older children. Non-coercive, no rewards systems, just straight-up let's potty train gently and quickly. This purely potty training book is based on my Hybrid EC Program in Go Diaper Free, but exclusively written for toddlers over 18 months in age.

The Continuum Concept: In search of happiness lost

Jean Liedloff did not intend on writing a parenting handbook when she reported her experience of living with Stone Age natives in South America...but what she ended up doing was changing millions of parents' lives around the globe over decades of time. This book is one that has informed my parenting in a big way, and although I have adapted it to my modern lifestyle and added balance where I can, it stands alone as an incredibly insightful look into natural and species-specific child-rearing.

Mean Moms Rule: Why doing the hard stuff now creates good kids later

If you are the caregiver of a baby, toddler, small human, child, or the like, you would do well to read Denise's awesome guide to setting up discipline in your family the right way from the start. She says "start as you mean to go on"...and she means it. And, no, you don't have to be mean before, during, or after reading this book...Denise certainly isn't!

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids

I adore Kim John Payne. In this book, he helps those of us suffering from "baby stuff creep" and information overload to simplify life for ourselves, our children, and our homes. I've learned and implemented so much from this book, and I hope it inspires you, too.


7 Add-on MiniCourses for Elimination Communication

I've taken what's in my book on EC and gone deeply into 7 different essential areas of the practice: newborns, nighttime, outings, pauses, potty time, getting back on track, and wrap up. Each is less than one hour in length and covers one specific area as though I'm personally coaching you one-on-one (and is chock-full of bonus example footage!). Get the whole bundle or pick and choose based on your current needs!


My full Elimination Communication Supply List

Over the last many years I've kept track of where to find all the EC gear you could possibly want. Some of these items are detailed below, but for the main, master list, download my free supply list. For anything that is no longer available, I've found a way to make it myself and make sure all of you get what you need to make EC a breeze. Spend less time hunting around the Internet for gear...and more time ECing and connecting with your baby!

Tiny Undies: Small Underwear for EC

When my first son was 10 months old and freshly out of diapers, I could not find underwear that fit him here in America. The Gerber training pants (size 18 mos) just fell right off. Then I traveled to Thailand and found some! After a few years' time, I decided to manufacture them myself. 100% cotton, gender-neutral, sweatshop-free, sizes 6 months to 5T. I think you'll love them.

Tiny Trainers: 100% cotton training pants (that actually work)

Well, you know how I am by now! I can't help myself but to make ECing a better and better experience for all new parents. After I created Tiny Undies I continued to get requests from parents whose kids still had misses, accidents, and pre-pees, and what about ECing while on outings? So, I developed Tiny Trainers in sizes 6 months to 3T - and lemme tell you - they actually work to hold a whole pee from hitting the floor! Double-layered cotton core, 100% cotton shell, and gender-neutral, sweatshop-free, the works.

Tophat Potty Bowl (newborn potty for EC)

For pottying newborn babies up to about a year in age, a tophat potty is essential. Add a cozy to the top because babies don't like the way the plastic feels (and it blocks spray!). These are a rare find and this link will be updated when stock runs out at various shops around the US. Get 'em while they're around.

BecoPotty - Biodegradable mini potty for EC

I like the BecoPotty because it is low to the floor, and it can be planted in the garden once your mini potty days are over. If you can find the older model, I personally prefer it, but the newer model is also great.

Wool Puddle Pads and Wool Soaker Shorts

Jenay's shop in California is known for high quality, low cost, often repurposed wool puddle pads and wool soaker shorts. I highly recommend checking her out.

Best Cloth Diaper Back-up for Elimination Communication

For right now, I love the Grovia cloth diaper covers. (In a few months, my store will be carrying TinyBums, a line of bamboo terry diaper covers that is divine!) Til then, try the other two above, just the shell, and stick a trifolded prefold in the middle for a super-quick, environmentally-friendly cloth diaper "back-up" for elimination communication. For a Sumo-style backup (see my book for more info), use a diaper belt and a trifolded prefold in a slightly larger size...this is used for observation and can come in great when trying to get EC back on track.

Best Disposable Diaper Back-up for Elimination Communication

I have ECed 4 children from birth (including my newest baby) and I must say that most babies will pee in a Pampers or Huggies diaper and not blink an eyelid. But, put them in a Seventh Generation Disposable Diaper (the original brown ones or the new animal print ones, both similar and effective), and they will signal better. Simply put, 7th Gen dipes feel wet inside when they're wet, so they are the best disposable for potty training and/or Elimination Communication. Given you'll be using disposables for less than half the average time of 3 years, and you'll re-use a bunch of them, go forth with doing EC with disposables if you choose. (My 2nd was out of diapers at 13 months and we used 7th Gen more than half that time!) Also, their disposable wipes (original formula only) are divine.

Split Pants + Baby Chaps

Popular in China, baby split pants are a discreet item that allow baby to sit and pee without having to manipulate his clothing. Baby chaps are wide open, so you can place a prefold in them or simply clover with a diaper cover for a quick and warmer pottytunity.


Find a Local EC Group Near You

Everyone deserves to know other ECers in their town! Visit our coach/mentor directory and see if there is a free support group meeting near you. (If there isn't one near you, consider joining our next annual coach program and bringing EC to your town.)

Facebook Groups

In lieu of in-person groups, Facebook is a place of gathering for ECers and other like-minded parents. I prefer my own Book Owners' private support group (comes with my book here), the DiaperFreeBaby group, the Elimination Communication group, and all of my Go Diaper Free Certified Coaches' Groups, around the world!


Bring EC to Your Town as a GDF Certified Coach

Since 2013 I've taught over 200 new moms and dads, worldwide, how to professionally bring EC to their towns. Our coaches host free groups in their local regions and bring fellow ECers out of the woodworks and into community, in person, and also teach classes and do private consultations. Join us! The program runs annually and is capped at 70 participants per year. Learn more and join the waitlist here.


MamaWorx: Live your dream + stay home with your babies

I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my babies AND do work that I love and that creates an income for my family. I want to teach you what I know about this, and more, through my new program: MamaWorx. Coming to you in 2017, please join the waitlist to get first dibs at my private training programs where you can learn how to pick the right business, how to start from scratch, how to grow an existing business, and, most importantly, how to do this all in the least amount of time while ALSO staying at home with your babies (and balancing it all). It can be done! I'd be honored to show you how.

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