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    Remote / North Carolina

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Reports to: CEO/Visionary
Status: Full-time, Contractor
Location: Remote
Application Deadline: Tuesday, December 14, 11:59pm CST

Position Overview

Do you love to be behind the scenes making all of a CEO’s visions come true?

Are you a roll-up-your-sleeves and get-it-done Integrator who loves leading a team?

Are you passionate about changing the lives of new moms?

Then the team at Andrea Olson Productions is looking for you!
Andrea Olson (the CEO of Andrea Olson Productions) is seeking a full-time Integrator to help her take all her big visions, break them down into projects, and then find the right team members to make it all happen. The ideal Integrator for Andrea is an amazing cheerleader and go-getter who loves taking direction and is a strong leader for an entire team.

Andrea’s companies, under the umbrella of Andrea Olson Productions, help mamas and daddies potty their babies and bring EC (elimination communication) to their towns. They also help mamas have freebirths and start new businesses. In a nutshell, they change lives. For the last 11 years, Andrea has built a 7-figure business while raising her 5 kids. Now she’s ready to pour on the rocket fuel to 10x the business, and bringing on an Integrator is one of the first key steps.

You are the ideal candidate if you are an experienced Integrator who is detail-oriented, highly organized, and enjoys managing projects, operations, and people. You thrive when things move fast but know when to take time to ensure everything is done right and error-free.

You are perfect for this role if you love systems and efficiency. Underneath your happy-go-lucky exterior you’re a critical thinker, work well autonomously, and have experience managing a worldwide team. You possess ninja skills when it comes to strategic planning, breaking big projects down into the essential steps, team accountability, and tracking KPIs. You are cheery, positive, upbeat, and a go-getter. When things need to be done, you roll up your sleeves and do it.

You have a high drive for results, you're a problem solver with an optimistic can-do attitude, and with you nothing is impossible. If this kind of work excites you, you want to be part of growing a company with a real passion for what we do… And, if you’re not offended by this t-shirt (Andrea occasionally posts stuff like this) … you’re a great fit for this Integrator role!


Note: Political views will not be part of the interview process. Andrea just wanted to share where she stands.

Offer Details

This is a full-time, remote, contractor position.

Pay is between $90,000 and $100,000/year (based on experience).

Benefits include flexible working hours and bonuses based on performance and successful events.

Responsibilities (tasks associated with the role)

• Simplify and streamline efforts - taking much off the CEO’s plate
• Partner with the CEO to execute the business plan to achieve growth and revenue objectives
• Manage eCommerce (Shopify, Amazon FBA, supply management, and dropshipping)
• Manage live events
• Audit systems, provide recommendations and implement to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and scale the business
• Manage funnel development and launches
• Coordinate online marketing efforts, including blogs and our podcast
• Coordinate our social presence with different team members
• Manage and lead team members to achieve goals
• Ensure thorough communication throughout the organization
• Track key metrics for business activities to measure the effectiveness of our efforts
• Constantly evaluate and improve processes

Requirements (expected proficiencies to excel in this role)

This position is for a person who is:

• Proactive, takes initiative, and loves to ease the CEO’s workload
• Organized and efficient
• Detail-oriented
• Learns quickly
• Tactful
• Able to easily delegate
• A do-er
• Flexible
• Always learning
• Kind and gracious, even in stressful situations
• Enthusiastic, upbeat, and contagiously positive
• Able to identify and implement new systems
• Excellent with follow-through
• Not easily offended or intimidated
• Solution-oriented

Additional requirements:

• Previous Integrator experience (1 to 2 years minimum)
• Willing to travel for live events
• Available 8am-5pm EST (Mon-Tue-Thu) (other work hours are very flexible)
• Additional availability during launches and events
• Distraction-free work environment

This position is NOT for someone who:

• Is just transitioning from VA or equivalent positions to Integrator/OBM work
• Does not have experience managing remote teams and projects
• Is competitive or abrasive
• Is uncomfortable with strong political opinions
• Prefers a slow-paced work environment

Software Utilized by Company

Shopify, Amazon FBA, Freshdesk, Mighty Networks, ConvertKit, WordPress, ClickFunnels, Slack

Current Team Members

VA, Customer Service, Social Media, Community Engagement, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Writer, Bookkeeper, Podcast Team, Ads Team

About Andrea Olson Productions

Andrea Olson Productions has three focuses: Go Diaper Free, Tiny Undies, and Mamaworx. At GDF we teach new mamas how to potty their babies from as early as birth with elimination communication (EC) with my books and courses. When the child is outta diapers and walking, they have nothing to wear, so we sell small undies size 6 mos and up and super small potties at TU. At MWx, we teach new mamas with tiny babies how to start a passive income business, master homemaking, and streamline baby-raising, so they can follow their dreams.

Andrea Olson is the proud mama of 5 children - all ECed from birth, all out of diapers by walking - and owner of Go Diaper Free and Tiny Undies. For 11 years, Andrea has made it super simple for 100,000s of parents worldwide to start EC with their own babies, as early as birth… and has trained over 300 coaches to host EC communities across the globe.

Her work has been featured in the New York Times, HuffPost, Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, Star 99.9, Parents Magazine, and various television stations.
You can learn more about the company HERE.

The cultural pillars of the company include:

• We are Family First and enjoy a healthy work/life balance
• We celebrate both mistakes and successes and are always learning
• We are motivated by freedom, economic reward, and ROI, thank you’s, and flexibility

To apply, please fill out an application at:

To better allow you to display your skills and to help us determine the best candidates, our recruiting process is approximately four to five weeks and takes place in four rounds:

• Initial Application
• Skills Application
• Live interview with our recruiting agency
• Final interview with CEO or manager

If selected, you will be invited by email to progress to the next round.

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