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How to take your baby to the potty: exactly what to do after you know it’s time to go


Now that we've learned which 4 things lead to potty time, in this session we're going to learn how to potty your baby.

Again, The 4 Roads to Potty Time are:

  1. Baby's Signals (covered in Episode 8)
  2. Baby's Natural Timing (covered in Episode 10)
  3. Generic (Common) Timing (covered in Episode 12), and
  4. Your Intuition (covered in Episode 14).

Once one of these 4 things occurs, you then get to potty your baby.

You'll remember from our vocab session that, if we potty successfully, it's called a "catch." The other potty situations could result in a "miss," where the back-up is wet or soiled already and there is no more inside baby to let out, or a "mis-guess," where we find out that baby didn't have to go after all.

These possible outcomes make sense. But how to potty, exactly?

Listen to this session to find out how to potty your baby, whether you have a newborn baby, a mobile baby, or a young toddler. In less than 12 minutes you'll hear the general overview of this relatively simple process.

You will hear:

  • What I did as a profession prior to becoming an infant potty training mentor
  • The nutshell overview of what "pottying a baby" looks like
  • The variations of pottying babies of different ages
  • Whether to use a cue noise or a prompt word, depending upon baby's age
  • How to know when your baby is finished peeing or pooping
  • How to hold a newborn in position
  • How to get a mobile, creeping baby to sit on the potty
  • The trick to keeping the young toddler's potty activity in the bathroom
  • Plus much more...

Right click here to download the MP3 or click the play button above to listen to the full episode.

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Transcript: How to potty your baby

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