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How to Handle Changes as Your Baby Develops

How to handle changes

How do we handle the ups and downs of EC with a growing baby? Today I share THREE ways to respond to changes as baby develops plus tools for YOU, the parent, and the magic mindset piece for confidently rolling with change. You will hear: three ways to respond to changes in your EC rhythm…

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How I learned about Elimination Communication

Today I share the story behind it all! How I learned about elimination communication as a natural alternative to diapers and toilet training…BEFORE I was pregnant with my first baby. You will hear: about the super-mom mentor who thought EC was too complicated What the inspirational example of my “friend of a friend” how learning…

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Inconsistency in Potty Training!

Your toddler goes to the toilet willingly today, but pees his pants all day tomorrow. He tells you when he needs to go pee all week, and the following week…nothing. What gives with all the potty training inconsistency?! If YOU are experiencing inconsistency in potty training your toddler, have no fear. There is both a…

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Dealing with Inconsistency in Elimination Communication

If you are finding major inconsistencies in elimination communication, today’s show is 100% for you. Listen, watch, or read the full episode on this page! The EC inconsistencies I cover today include both: You not being consistent in offering your baby the potty and Your baby not consistently telling you he needs to go, cooperating…

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Our Common Enemy

Today on the Go Diaper Free Podcast we chat about how the cards are stacked against us in this diapering culture, and how best to WIN big with Elimination Communication, from as early as birth, despite this culture! You will hear: Who the Big Enemy truly is How invasive their marketing has become 16 message…

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RIE + EC – do they mix?

Over the years I’ve been approached by many, many parents who are practicing RIE – which is a form of respectful parenting that focuses on not interrupting a baby’s play – about whether elimination communication complements or contradicts it. Most of these parents were convinced that EC would be disrespectful, considered an unnecessary “interruption” to…

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Gassy/Fussy Babies: 5 ways to help your baby fuss less and unlock more success with elimination communication

Anyone who’s tried to decode their newborn baby’s various cries and fusses knows that it can be virtually impossible! Is baby hungry? Tired? Cold? Uncomfortable? In pain? (Or, for those of us doing elimination communication: does baby have to go potty and wants the diaper removed first??) I’ve found it extremely helpful to look into…

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