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Natural Development: Montessori-inspired EC part 1 – the laws of natural development

Well hey there. Today’s episode is the first in a four-part series based on the Montessori approach to toilet learning, starting at birth. Over the course of four weeks, we are going to deconstruct Merry Hadden’s fantastic Montessori toileting article and emphasize how elimination communication is a truly Montessori-friendly toilet learning method. Today’s episode will…

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Duped: How disposable diapers have changed the way we parent

If you’re not into passion, or this mama right here when she gets opinionated, maybe skip today’s show…because I’m extremely passionate and opinionated about it! :) It’s called Duped: how disposable diapers have changed the way we parent. It’s all about the messages that have been embedded in our culture that have altered the way…

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How to save money on diapers

6 tips for using fewer cloth and disposable diapers Any way you slice it, the expenses involved with raising a baby can add up – even more so when you have 5 kids like we do! But there is one area where you can cut costs significantly. Today’s episode is all about how to save…

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When daddy won’t do EC

How to get your husband on board with toilet training (and possibly save your marriage) When two partners don’t see eye to eye on parenting decisions, it can make things really hard. Today’s episode is all about what to do when daddy won’t do elimination communication: how to get your husband on board with infant…

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Fear of the autoflush toilet

How to help your child overcome her fear of being autoflushed away! Today we’re going to talk about how to help your child overcome a fear of autoflush toilets. Autoflush toilets are seriously the bane of my public toileting experience. Who invented them and why didn’t they take into account child-sized users? If you’ve ever…

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EC + Down Syndrome

The secret to toilet training a special needs child with great success – Down Syndrome potty training alternatives Today, we’re going to talk about practicing elimination communication with a special needs child, and more specifically, I’m going to offer some advice and techniques for doing Elimination Communication with a baby who has Down Syndrome.  If…

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Why my BFF didn’t do EC

Seriously…I tried…but in the end this is why my best friend chose not to EC. My BFF didn’t do Elimination Communication (or early potty training) with her baby. It even hurts to write it, but it’s the truth. Today I’m gonna share that story with you (and hopefully you can take away something useful from…

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Pees 5 minutes later

What to do if this is you Today we’re gonna talk about what to do if your baby pees five minutes after offering the potty, when doing elimination communication. Have you ever had this happen to you? You offer your baby a pottytunity, your baby doesn’t go, but then baby pees five minutes later in…

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Won’t sit

If your baby doesn’t want to sit, here are some ideas Today we’re going to talk about what you can do when your baby won’t sit on the potty (or won’t stay seated on the toilet).  Does your baby fuss every time you put him down to sit on the potty? Does she stand up…

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