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RIE + EC – do they mix?

Over the years I’ve been approached by many, many parents who are practicing RIE – which is a form of respectful parenting that focuses on not interrupting a baby’s play – about whether elimination communication complements or contradicts it. Most of these parents were convinced that EC would be disrespectful, considered an unnecessary “interruption” to…

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Gassy/Fussy Babies: 5 ways to help your baby fuss less and unlock more success with elimination communication

Anyone who’s tried to decode their newborn baby’s various cries and fusses knows that it can be virtually impossible! Is baby hungry? Tired? Cold? Uncomfortable? In pain? (Or, for those of us doing elimination communication: does baby have to go potty and wants the diaper removed first??) I’ve found it extremely helpful to look into…

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Kaiva’s story – 11 years later!

My oldest son turns 11 years old this week!! (Geez, that means I am also older, y’all! Ahhhh!) In celebration of this wonderful event, I’d like to share a little bit about how I believe doing elimination communication with him, from birth, has impacted his life as a now pre-teen. I would like to encourage…

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Disposables vs compostables vs cloth diapers: What’s the best diaper for doing elimination communication?

Today we’re going to have a lively debate: what is the best diaper for elimination communication? Are disposable diapers okay for elimination communication, or should they be avoided at all costs? Do you have to commit to cloth diapers to make elimination communication successful? (OMG major overwhelm!) Do compostable diapers even work? (Or do they…

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Now crawling, more misses

Today we’ve got another question from, not one, but TWO of our Go Diaper Free readers from the US and Thailand. It’s all about what do I do if my baby poops or pees in her pants because she’s started crawling? This is another super-common problem that warrants a deeper answer…let’s do it! Q: 1)…

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What Would an Indigenous Person Say About Pottying Their Baby?

indigenous african baby pottied over ground

What would an indigenous person say about pottying their baby? How do babies go diaper free in indigenous cultures? Do babies even wear diapers in intact communities and third world countries? Today I answer Emily’s question about the attitudes indigenous women have toward pottying their babies in third world countries…and I try to pull together…

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How to EC an Extremely Fussy Baby

fussy baby times

Today I share about “How to EC an Extremely Fussy Baby”…to help you figure out WHY your baby is so fussy in the first place, what works in terms of doing EC anyway, and, overall, how to manage this difficult wrench in the perfect wheel of “I’m totally doing EC from birth.” This is all…

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