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Branson’s 17 month Elimination Communication Update

Branson 17 months

Perhaps you know that my youngest is now 17 months old…and may want to know where we are these days regarding his Elimination Communication progress. (Even if you’re only on this website for potty training, definitely read the below as it can show you what young toddlers are truly capable of…even if yours is older…

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At what age can I potty train my child?


New parents in the western world are constantly wondering: when can I begin potty training? (Some don’t even realize that, with the right information, they can even begin potty training their baby.) In this article I will share what ages are best to begin potty training your child. We’ll look at options for the first year…

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Make a paradigm shift: Diapers are a back-up, not full-time toilets


Primitive “diapering” methods often involved placing soft, absorbent materials under baby’s bottom inside the sling or papoose. Their purpose was to add extra protection during times of cold weather, travel, and busy-ness. Their purpose was NOT to serve as a full-time toilet. Those early humans who did not need a “back-up” for their babies (ie: lived…

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How to hold a newborn baby over the potty

pottying newborn branson from above

Many parents want to start Elimination Communication with their babies as early as possible. When they find out that EC can be started at birth, the first question is: How do you hold a newborn baby over the potty? My first response is (as the image above illustrates): well…it doesn’t necessarily have to be done…

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Why I’m only catching the morning pee (or poo) lately.

baby pooping face three - the big push

We are going through an elimination communication potty pause. Yes, yours truly, Andrea Olson, queen of infant potty training, also has potty pauses. But. I am catching the morning pee (and poo if I’m lucky). This is what Branson, 10 months, looks like on the toilet right after he wakes up: Happy. Willing. Engaged. Pottying! Then, he gives a…

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Potty Training: The 3 things you should NOT do

Potty Training - 3 things you should NOT do

There are 3 specific things you should NOT do when potty training your toddler. How do I know? Well, truth be told, I have never personally potty trained any of my 4 children. I did elimination communication with each one and started them at birth, and I never had to actually potty train any of…

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