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Easy Catch #4: Ins and Outs: AKA getting baby into or out of something

Easy Catch 4 Getting baby into or out of something

Today on the Go Diaper Free Podcast we're covering the last in the easy catch series - Easy Catch #4 - Ins and Outs. If you haven't listened to the episodes on the first three easy catches, check out the others:

I refer to easy catch #4 as the Holy Grail of easy catches, because it's the best way to incorporate EC into your routine.

Easy catch #4 is all about transitions, and using those times when you put your baby into something (or take them out of something) to offer a pottytunity.

You will hear:

  • Common examples of transition times that work
  • Where and how to potty your baby during transitions
  • How to simplify a potty break between activities
  • Tips for establishing a routine that works for you
  • How your child's instincts work in your favor
  • Tips for optimizing comfort and relaxation

Links and other resources mentioned today:

Pottying on Outings Podcast (Episode 19)

EC While Out + About Minicourse

Top Hat Potty at my sister site,

Easy Start Guide for EC (PDF)

EC supply list

My popular EC book

My new short mini potty at

Download the transcript

If you can't listen to this episode right now (um, sleeping baby!?) and read the transcript here:

Transcript: Easy Catch #4: Ins and Outs

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Does your baby have a transition time where you're successfully catching? Or is this a challenge? Please leave a comment below with your experience!

xx Andrea

Andrea Olson

About Andrea Olson

I'm Andrea and I spend most of my time with my 6 children (all under 12 yo) and the rest of my time teaching other new parents how to do Elimination Communication with their 0-18 month babies. I love what I do and try to make a difference in one baby or parent's life every single day. (And I love, love, love, mango gelato.)

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