Easy Catch #4: Getting in or out of something

Easy Catch #4 Getting in or out of something

Do you pee before a long road trip or at a pit stop?

So do babies.

Getting into or out of a carseat, high chair or your arms is the perfect time to offer baby the toilet.

Let's face it...transition times are awesome!

This easy 5 minute video will explain more:

You'll learn:

  • how babies are like dogs (and every other mammal)
  • why babies will poop or pee in the carseat, at times
  • why you should potty baby before putting him in the high chair, and,
  • an embarrassing miss I had in the grocery store.

And that is it for our easy catch series.

In case you've missed any of them, the 4 Easy Catches are:

  1. Wake up + pee
  2. Diaper changes
  3. Poop
  4. Getting in and out of something (this one)

If you just rely on these 4 Easy Catches you'll do just fine (what we call "part-time EC"). Watch the videos, listen to my words, give it a try in real life.

(And, if you're feeling ready to dive in, you could always learn everything else with my book. Just sayin.')

Please comment below with whether you've tried this easy catch and, hey!, did it work or not?

(Or, more fun, have you had an embarrassing shopping cart mishap, too?)

Do share, below!

xx Andrea

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