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What it really means when there’s pee on the floor


No parent really wants to clean up pee – off the floor, the couch, the car seat, or anywhere! Not only that, we’ve attached so much meaning to pee misses, it can be hard not to let it make us feel like a failure. First off, pee on the floor does NOT make you a failure, mom and dad. But it does have meaning! Tune in for today’s episode, where I’ll teach you how to be a pee interpreter.


You Will Hear:

  • Common reasons your LO might be having pee misses during wrap-up or potty training
  • What information can be gleaned from these kinds of misses
  • How to keep things progressing in a forward direction so you have more pee in the potty
  • Why your mindset as the parent/caregiver is critical to your kiddo reaching potty independence


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How does your mindset around pee on the floor need to shift? Share your thoughts with us!


xx Andrea

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