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Twyla’s 16 week Elimination Communication Update

Twyla's 16 week elimination communication update

It's been a bit since our 6 week old elimination communication update with Twyla...and now it's time for another update!

Twyla recently turned 4 months old, and things have been going as expected with our EC journey...mostly amazing with lots of learning going on, for sure.

Today I'll share the story of our last 2.5 months via my most recent Instagram posts...enjoy and please follow me @godiaperfree over on Instagram for near-daily photos and inspiration!

(And follow me @tinyundies over on Instagram for my small undies and potty shop.)


So we got the #tonguetie and #liptie released back in January. I caught a pee pre-op while waiting. The ladies at the office quickly spread the word of this zany #eliminationcommunication thing and it was a chaos chorus of awe. Then I caught another pee post-op 15 min later.

And we are doing better! #breastfeeding has improved. #reflux is on its way out. #babypuke is down to once a day at most. #colic has lessened (except she is still sore in the mouth so she’s been fussy over that). In general, T is feeling a ton better and so am I.

We’ve got the most caring dentist who has helped pioneer and advocate in this field. He called me night one and night two from his cell phone to check on us. The nurses taught daddy and I how to do her stretching exercises on day 2 after I called feeling incompetent at it! Overall great experience.

I can not believe the instant change in her latch. I’ll keep you all posted as we heal and recover.

Meanwhile! EC! How did I do it before and after #babysurgery ?!?! Why even bother with it while away from the house?! Because.

I did it because #thisiswhatwedo - we are committed to not using the diaper as a toilet. Period. I did miss 3 pees in the office. But. I also caught 2. I did my best. I kept my promise. :)

Now it’s your turn! - newborn to 18 months


I love #breastfeeding especially #sidelying ... and #cosleeping and #eliminationcommunication and this baby. #8weeksold today. Recovery going well. Couldn’t be happier!! <3


Me at 30. Me at 40. #tenyearchallenge or is it #10yearchallenge? So 10 years ago I went to my 3rd of 4 #burningman events. The next year would find me running Entheon Village and then conceiving my first child. Who knew! On the left, so free and footloose. On the right, just as happy, just in a different way. Smaller travel circumference. But bigger love and heart. What a decade! Baby making and babyraising, breaking up then finding @techbentley and marrying and then marriage-saving. Leaving California. Never thought that would happen in a million years. On the left, a ton of “friends.” On the right, older wiser and only friends that are in it for the long haul. On the left: no sense of service in the world, self-centered. On the right: leader of a very special movement (#eliminationcommunication ) and with a strong purpose to lead and mentor new mamas. Ok. Whew! That was fun!!! Thanks for witnessing me. xx

PS - not that this is in the photos, but my nipples have DEFINITELY changed the most since this photo was taken. Lol!!! #5thbaby


Caught a pee waiting to see the dentist for our first frenectomy follow up. Twyla is doing great, nursing has improved, latch is improving, puking down from six times a day to just once if that, fussiness has gone down - the girl is a new baby!!! And I think things will get even better from here as she continues to recover! Thanks to big sis for taking the pic! #eliminationcommunication #tonguetie#liptie #frenectomy #happybaby #onthego #8weeksold

And you all.... Thanks for all your encouraging messages. Since ties happen to 30% of the population, and midwives no longer “sweep” the mouth and gums with their long finger nail (no joke!) when babies are’s amazing that we even found out that this was affecting or sweet babe. The whole fam is happier!!!!

PS - the whole dentist office is spreading word of EC and pottying babies - #likewildfire !!!! Woohoo!!!

Mini potties are here! Oh my gosh you guys - they are PERFECT. Now for some deets!!!

I'll cut to the chase: if your child is not yet toilet independent because they can not mount the mini potty you bought them, without your're going to definitely want one of my new, super-short Mini Potties. Ages 0-24 months (see the many, many photo comparisons below). Super lightweight and portable. A must for EC or early toilet learning.

I am so excited to share these with you!!!! When Baby Bjorn discontinued the Little Potty, and bEcoPotty flaked out....I couldn't help myself. Had to get my own made. Because: tools. They make all the difference in supporting your child's potty independence.

This potty is for SHORTIES! Ages newborn (held in position over potty) thru around 24 months. It is for those who can not easily mount the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty, IKEA Lilla Potty, or the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair (below)...or any other number of potties we have tried. This one is short, lightweight, portable...and great for giving our toddlers FULL success at being potty independent!

Check out the pics for all the comparisons.

#eliminationcommunication #babysale #pottytraining #earlypottytraining #naturalparenting


Pottying at crossfit again! Twyla is #9weeksold tomorrow and we’ve been in #crossfit for a little over one month now 3x/week. Feeling great! Waaaaay more energy. And T is getting used to barbell drops (kind of). She’s watching mama take care of herself - which is think is really important for our little ones! If you’re not taking care of yourself, use us as inspiration Mamas!! #getfitmama !!! Little steps each day (I love that CrossFit is simple, short, and encouraging!) And #eliminationcommunication - going great! Her needs, my needs, all covered as best we can. I call that a good day :) <3 xx Andrea YOUR TURN! GODIAPERFREE.COM/START #pottytraining #earlypottytraining #itseasierthanitlooks #beEncouraged


Twyla’s happy face after her morning pee. The wake up and pee is actually what I call “easy catch #1” - if you’re wanting to feel some success with #eliminationcommunication (or get at least ONE catch per day during a potty pause), this catch is typically easy. (And followed by copious amounts of adorable #diaperfree time!!)

WHY DOES THIS WORK THO? Because it’s based on biology and the hormone that wears off when you wake, I wake, baby wakes. ADH. Makes sense why would our bodies soil ourselves during sleep? We are not born incontinent!!

In my newest short+sweet PODCAST episode I speak clearly on this topic - - enjoy and let me know what you think about the new format!

And really, what are ya waiting for?! Try it next time your LO wakes up!! :) I bet you’ll be surprised, even if you’ve relied on the diaper as a toilet for a while. <3 xx

#morningpee #antidiuretichormone #pottytraining #earlypottytraining #podcast #newpodcastepisode #godiaperfree #babiesareamazing #notincontinent #8weeksold #2monthsold


Twyla. Ta-da! A dancer’s daughter. Named after @twylatharp_ (just like her sis named after @duncan_dancerIsadora Duncan). And. I’m getting my bod in shape to get my dance chops up once more at #40yearsold.

She is only happy when @pantyraidmusic or @ooah is playing FULL BLAST.

(Also only happy when naked.)

Go figure. #eliminationcommunication going WELL!! #8weeksold I think? #mommydancer #glitchbaby #edmbaby #yogapants by #underarmour and #checkoutthatpoint #stillgotit

Caught a giant poop after our workout. First I caught the wake up pee. She was dry. Was nursing during the stretch and she started bearing down - I said “Wait” and grabbed the top hat potty. She had about 8 rounds of pushes - this is one poop face of the bunch! Asked her if she was “all done” and she sat still (usually she’ll go again when she hears that phrase). Score!!

Wiped her butt with toilet paper. (Who said EC is MORE work? Puhleese.)

Apparently the same dry diaper was stuck to my bottom (thanks @techbentley hubs, for the pic).

The proof is in the potty.

This is my girl!!! What a TEAM.


#9weeksold #eliminationcommunication #pottytrained #tophatpotty at @tinyundies my other shop #crossfit #9weekspostpartum #getfitmama #whatateam #thatsmygirl #poopface #drydiaper #ECiseasier #bornready #diaperfreebaby #diaperfree #breastfedbaby #godiaperfree y’all. Let’s do this!!


This mama’s having a really tough night. Toothache for 7 days now. Baby has added a wake up at midnight each night. So up to 4 from 2 or 3 wake ups a night. She won’t really nap in the day longer than 30 min. Maybe she feels my pain. #babywontsleep #sleepdeprivation #eliminationcommunication works at least - back to lotsa poops all day after none for 4 days. #breastfeeding is better now too. But. Ahhhhh. Pls send me (and T) some peace and rest...and for me a hopefully positive root canal do-over. <3 thank you and good night?

My molar is gone. Forever. And I had my THIRD poop miss (into her diaper) of Twyla’s entire life at the dentist’s office. (Daddy has had two.)

...Post-poop-cleanup (I can not imagine doing THAT several times a day/week for 3 years...yuck!), the male dental hygienist (a #marine of course!) held my baby for the entire 45 minute #toothextraction - and sang to her - what an angel! ((@gillespiedentalassociates all of you are amazing!!))

...nursed baby T post-procedure with a numb mouth...oxytocin made me feel a speck better

...had been icing it and mega ibuprofen for 7 days y’all. SEVEN DAYS!!! And all I wanted was for the tooth to be gone.

...and now it is.

...and I miss it.

...but I’ll be replacing it next go.

...So, except for the massive poop miss (yes it crossed my mind to potty her upon arrival. My bad completely! I feel horrible about it.) was a day where things have turned slightly toward the better.

...furthermore, baby slept last night very very well and I got to cuddle on the futon with my hubs. many of you have been displaced by the lovely baby in your bed? Funny - we slept on the couch and she got a Queen sized bed all to herself and slept like a baby. #9weeksold #babyqueen Lol. Time to move to her sister’s room into the cushy crib!!! <3 and to EC at night via audio monitor!!! :)

...anyway. Blah. What a day.

#eliminationcommunication #poopmiss#poopblowout #caughtapeeanyway#breastfeeding #breastisbest#breastfeedwithoutfear in tha #dentaloffice#poortooth #nocrossfittomorrow#thankyouandgoodnight #godiaperfree at #noexcuses :)


Baby unicorn for the win! Thanks big brother.

We’re doing better today. Mouth hurts. Missing lots of pees. I’m just out of it y’all. But I’m still trying!

Babysitter just arrived. #helpisontheway

#babyunicorn #bigbrotherhelping#babydressup #turnyourbackforonesecond#eliminationcommunication


A little warm sunshiney day. Pottied baby on the deck. #eliminationcommunication #diaperfree -dom #pottytrained #6weeksold in this pic. #pottyonthego #noexcuses #babycare #naturalparenting rocks

david pottying baby over mug

Been saving this one for y’all.

#babypotty #usewhatyougot #nopottynoproblem #eliminationcommunication #gooddaddy #godiaperfree


This is Twyla at #8weeksold peeing in the big toilet. She is awake to it all. She knows what the toilet is for because she sees us using it already. She senses that the bathroom has a specific purpose - both things relate to JOY - relieving herself and taking a bath!!

I feel so solidly about raising my babies with #eliminationcommunication #breastfeeding #cosleeping #babywearing #babyledweaning as an #intactivist and passionate about #unassistedbirth - this aligns with my heart. AND HERS! You can see it in her eyes......

We started EC at birth. I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I gets lots of messages from people who start at a few months old with their first (which is incredible!! Yay you guys!!) - and once they have some confidence up, they start at birth with their next baby (it has now clicked for the whole fam!). It’s lovely, lovely, lovely. <3

#pottytrained but not by #pottytraining ;0)


Double-catch at library storytime! Offered up arrival: dry but nothing in potty. About 15 min in got fussy in daddy’s arms. He began to pat and rock her but I said “she has to pee” and offered - dry, she went. We resumed silly baby songs and clapping and such. Next clear change to fussy, 15 min later, I offered, dry again, she went in potty again.

Why do I do #eliminationcommunication on outings? Why bother? Esp with #4kidsunder3 en tow? Because. I want to help her feel comfortable (she was sooo happy after each catch!!) and I want her to know the diaper isn’t a toilet and...I want her to feel heard... cause she has a voice, already. She’s had a voice since in utero.

#10weekold #pottytrained #tophatpotty avail @tinyundies #babiesdeservedignity #happybaby #librarystorytime


“I slept thru the night! And woke up dry!” Baby T went to bed at 10pm last night after her final peepee and woke at 6:30am with a dry diaper. Her first 8.5 hour stretch ever #10weeksold - most prior was 7 hours! Took her to pee and she had a nice big one. Hung out on bed with her after a long long feed on both sides, she was smiling and trying to giggle, and then noticed I a subtle bearing down and had a strong intuition. Took her to have a healthy 5-stage morning poo. #perfectmorning #eliminationcommunication #diaperfree #diaperfreebaby #naturalbaby #breastfeeding #sleptthroughthenight #wokeupdry #gratefulmama

PS - And any questions on #sleeptraining (I call it #sleepteaching) *without* crying it out...I use the baby care cycle in Babywise (which does endorse cry it out - be warned! Ignore that part!) for what type of daytime care/naps encourages nighttime sleep, AND “the pause” from Bringing Up Bebe in helping baby connect her sleep cycles. Also the book 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks (or something like that)...has good tips. And have learned a ton from @babysleepsite - having followed them for years now. Last night: she slept in the bed alone with gentle pink noise. I slept on the futon with hubs. Still working on transition to crib :) And btw, I usually don’t nurse her to sleep day and night as a pattern. We wake, potty, nurse, play, (potty, play, potty, play), then to sleep without another nursing. Repeat. That is the cycle over and over every day. At night when she wakes we do nurse back to sleep. In case anyone wanted to know our sleep tips!!! :) Thanking the entire Universe for last night’s rest. <3


We go to ecstatic dance every Sunday. Today, she woke up during the lyrical segment - she sleeps best during chaos (the pumping bass middle of the wave). Caught a giant pee. Nursed her while I diffusely watched people moving to their own rhythm. I love this. Probably my fave thing to do, ever. Then, Daddy held her while I danced around, danced for her. Smiles and laughs and I swear she would have jumped out of his arms to dance, herself. 10 min later. Fussed. Caught the second pee. Wave ended. Grabbed the other kids from dance’s childcare room - pottied 2 yr old Branson. This is our rhythm. Committed to dance as a couple every Sunday. Committed to offering the potty whenever sweet T wakes up, if it’s easy while we’re out.

She LOVES watching everyone dance, their authentic movement, the joy/expression/angst. She is Twyla.

#10weeksold #pottyonthego #tophatpotty by @tinyundies #eliminationcommunication #breastfeedinginpublic #pottyinpublic #pottytrained #ecstaticdance #acouplethatdancestogetherstaystogether


This guy would’ve been a pain in the ass to potty train. Out of diapers at 12 months. Branson turns #2yearsold this Thursday. He is independent, feisty, quite the bruiser, and absolutely does things 100% himself (including potty time and self-dressing). EC has allowed him to retain his dignity and strong instincts, since birth.

I can’t imagine having to potty train such a stalwart soul.

#godiaperfree #eliminationcommunication #diaperfree #pottytrained #withouthavingtopottytrain



When baby has full neck control you can hold her on the mini potty when she needs to go. Typically at this age we use the sink or top hat potty, but for demonstration purposes hubs and I show Twyla on our new mini potty at #10weeksold - when she is around 4 months I will likely do this more, and by sitting (approx 6 months), we will be teaching her to use this more exclusively.

Mini potty by my other shop, @tinyundies - esp for the shorties!

#eliminationcommunication modeled by daddy (@techbentley) #godiaperfree #diaperfreebaby

#pottyfrombirth #bornready #pottytrained #minipotty #healthyhabits #babiesaresmart


My 5 yr old daughter is at the ER right now with daddy. Broken arm. Might need surgery. Fell off the balance beam at gymnastics. I feel so bad for her. Ironically today I photographed my other daughter - #11weeksold today - in this tshirt which was a “new baby” gift from @libertyhealthshare - which is our Christian-based alternative to mainstream health insurance. Liberty Healthshare is AMAZING you guys. I pay $499/month for my family of 7 to be covered up to $1M - preventative appts for free - and my “deductible” or unshared amount is only $2500 per year. That’s $2500 out of pocket. No stupid hoops to jump thru. No claims to drown in. Just straight forward “people looking out for people” by contributing to a pool each month, and only sharing from it when needed. It’s for healthy people who are taking responsibility for their own healthcare (and, yes, it is an #obamacarealternative because of separation of church and state). If you want an invitation to join this program, comment below. I love you all, and all our babies, and if you’re #selfemployed or #underinsured - this may be your ticket to freedom from fear of medical emergencies. . Did you know? As a #mamapreneur I would have to pay over $2000/mo for #marketplaceinsurance I can not even use where I wanna use it. With LHS I can do #pelvicfloortherapy at the PT, cover my daughter’s #frenectomy, cover #familychiropractic, cover all #wellbaby visits for #5kids, and they even cover #homebirth expenses to a midwife. All around good people. #borntoshare thank you Liberty!


Baby girl has to get surgery today to set her broken bone She’s a tough cookie!!! I feel so bad for her. I asked her if she wants a pink cast and she said, “no, turquoise, because that’s your favorite color, mama.” #heartmelting

Pls send BIG HUGS AND PRAYERS to Isadora, our sweet #5yearold and her #brokenarm (that she got falling off the balance beam in gymnastics last night).

And for real. Thank goodness for @libertyhealthshare because the expenses will be shared! Better than insurance you guys. Like I posted yesterday, they cover my whole fam of 7 for $499/mo, $1M max per year, max of $2500 out of pocket, and all preventative covered. Just preauthorized her surgery and it took me 5 minutes. Seriously. And it’s an #obamacarealternative - for healthy folks! I am SOOOO grateful to have found them as an insurance alternative for #entrepreneurs- yay! Anyway. If you pay them a visit, tell them I sent you. #lovethem

Gonna get some work time in for this weekend’s GDF/TU sale (and our 2019 coach program that opens next week). Over and out!


Another of the best parts about naked observation time? Advanced mobility! Our #3monthold Twyla rolled over from her back to her stomach twice this week already. That is about a month earlier than the average. #eliminationcommunication rocks you guys. But you already knew that.

Batting bell and natural wood teether both by @essentialmontessori .

Baby gym by @finnandemma - bought second hand.

#observationtime #babyplaytime #tummytime #earlymobility #bestforbaby #infantpottytraining #diaperfree #diaperfreetime


This is what we do every morning when she wakes up. Twyla #13weeksold and her #morningpoop at the sink. Since she is exclusively #breastfed the poop is benign and soupy and easily washes down the sink with warm water running. She will poop about 6 separate times - with a “bidet” wash of her hiney between each one. *She likes to be clean.* I can relate. And. I can’t imagine this happening in a diaper. I would probably go thru 6 messy diaper cleanups each morning, or one giant #babyblowout - no thanks :) .

#babypoop #eliminationcommunication #godiaperfree #pottyanywhere #babyhygiene #keepinitclean


Hello #diaperfree time! Twyla #13weeksold has diaper-free time before and after every bath. Tried it before? Babies don’t like to pee in water. Instincts. Kept us alive as a species for all these years. Don’t contaminate the water supply :) Since it’s built-in to us humans, use it to make your #eliminationcommunication even better. <3

And PS - doing EC = seeing that adorable #babybottom that much more often. Sooooo wonderful! #pottytrained #pottytraining #infantpottytraininfg #babybathtime #tummytime #babyinstincts #humanevolution #survivalofthespecies <3


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This is me pottying Twyla #13weeksold over the top hat potty while nursing. When you’ve got a lotta misses and just don’t want to go thru another diaper, maybe baby is going thru a developmental leap, and won’t potty before our case...just to go DURING feeding....well? You get brave and you try pottying WHILE feeding. And it worked!

Have you done this? Challenges? Love it? Do share.

#eliminationcommunication #infantpottytraining #tophatpotty from @tinyundies #breastfeeding #creativeparenting

Such a happy nursing time this morning!! I am in love with my newest strappy nursing sports bra by @loveandfitshop - sooo much easier than the other ones that ya have to pull up (or down) and they make your breast all misshapen (and make it harder for baby to latch).

Here’s our brief #eliminationcommunication -update: Twyla (almost #14weeksold ) has stopped peeing DURING nursing now and is on to peeing RIGHT AFTER. My process: she wakes up wet or dry, I offer the potty, if she does not go, I nurse - then potty directly after. Gotta roll with the constant changes!

So how’s your nursing/feeding/potting cycle? Do share below!!

And. Btw. an amazing #mamapreneur made this #sportsbra - please support Laura @loveandfitshop who launched her shop two short years ago and has absolutely #crushedit - I shared about her line when she first launched. I believed in her then, and now I am so happy to see her living her dream - helping mamas thrive with functional//sexy athletic wear. Yay! congrats Laura!!! #infantpottytraining #naturalinfanthygiene #breastfeeding #mamanursing #nursinggear #crossfitmoms #5thbaby #14weekspostpartum #postpartumbody after #unassistedbirth


OK because you’s an alternative for you mamas who can’t manage to aim into the #tophatpotty while nursing. Nurse over a #waterproofpad! This is the same @kushiesbaby pad we’ve used for 8 years with all the kiddos. Really lasts. If baby starts to go during feeding, just cue along and the learning continues!

#eliminationcommunication #infantpottytraining #pottytricks #breastfeeding #ecanywhere #breastfeedingmama #pottytrained at #14weeksold without #pottytraining

#babylegwarmers by @babyleggings use code GDF16 for 5 free pair (just pay shipping).

Andrea at - learn more with my book! at


Twyla #14weeksold doing one of her morning pees in the #tophatpotty. Btw. Do you want to gather other people in your town who do #eliminationcommunication ? Wanna teach everyone to do THIS with their babies?  Don’t do this alone - my 2019 coach program is 80% full and early bird enrollment ends tonight. If you wish more people knew EC, and you are tired of seeing #3yearoldsindiapers - then come join our growing network of coaches. So far we have new countries representin’ this year: Brazil, Netherlands, Estonia! And folks from over 20 other countries have already joined us over the years. Let’s turn this diaper trend around and begin #honoringourbabies Xoxox Andrea .

Learn more about the program at

Top hat potty by @tinyundies.

#infantpottytraining #naturalinfanthygiene #pottytrained without #pottytraining #savetheearth

Who knew there was toilet LID art? I love this SO much. It has been helping our #2yearold Branson overcome potty resistance...which only happens when we have him go before we leave the house! We walk into the bathroom, I don't ask if he has to go (this is the #ageofno after all)...we are just going. Pottytunity time! And if he's not into it (#becausetoddlers), I set him on his seat reducer backward and ask him to point out the dinosaur, the apple, the "raffe" (giraffe!), and alllll the things. Which makes for such a great #connectionopp with the little one. Win/win/win.

Thank you @lidbuddies for coming up with such a fantastically useful tool for those of us with #resistanttoddler issues. LOL. Btw it is restickable. (And...I've requested that they make some for much younger, in-arms babies being held over the toilet - maybe some Montessori-inspired patterns? Woot!)

Have you tried this type of solution? Seen a LidBuddy before? Have any other cool tricks up your sleeve for our community? Do share below!

#eliminationcommunication #lidbuddies #toilettricks #pottytraining #takedontask #geterdone


Branson at #22monthsoldgetting on the big toilet all by himself. More autonomy. Less frustration. #nailedit

Setting up the environment for success is something I learned from the wonderful #montessori school of thought. It creates genuine autonomy and reduces tantrums! This is definitely in alignment with his development (hello, independence!) and supports his desire for independence and utility.

When we give them the tools, our trust, and a little freedom...boy, do little ones amaze us. Every time.

Big stool by @ikea. Toilet lid with built-in kid seat found at Lowe's - Church Nextstep Child/Adult White Wood Round Toilet Seat. Corner toilet found at amazon - American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet.

What do you use to help your young toddler mount the big toilet? Any tricks or advice for the rest of us? Share below!

#eliminationcommunication #pottytrained without #pottytraining #naturalinfanthygiene #diaperfree #diaperfreebaby #godiaperfree #cornertoilet #bigstool #lesstantrums #montessoritoilet #childtoiletseat #empoweringlittleones


When your 5 year old won't give up your phone...and your baby is #barebottomed and #fancyfree

What are you all up to today? Any Sunday #diaperfree time on the agenda? Do share!

Baby legwarmers by @babyleggings - get 5 pair free (just pay shipping) with code GDF16 . Nursing sports bra by @loveandfitshop .

#eliminationcommunication #infantpottytraining #babylegwarmers #sundaydance

I am in love with the EC-friendly clothing I just received from a wonderful German EC shop ~ ooooh y'all. Serious clothing crush. First are these beautiful handmade baby chaps - onesie style with zero snaps. I have been using these non-stop for Twyla's #diaperfreetime every morning. She is now #15weeksold and has already started rolling over, so these provide her with excellent #diaperfree mobility a few hours per morning. She typically signals for pee once every 2 or 3 goes, so I am still doing this naked diaper-free time until it proves counterproductive. For now, it teaches mobility!

The second is this beautiful tummy warmer. This is specifically for those who do #eliminationcommunication - to keep the belly warm in any outfit that isn't the typical onesie-clad-bundle that we put babies in these days. Provides for easy-on's and easy-off's without making baby's belly cold. Brilliant.

The third is a split pants set - the bottom pants are elasticized and waist goes high to keep baby warm. The top also spreads low. Excellent coverage and very soft. #splitpants are great for a quick #babypotty sesh.

All 3 are by @pipifax.windelfrei - Nele ships internationally. Homemade. #ecfriendly and practical. #babystuffcrush Definitely check out her shop for homemade EC gear that is unique and made with love!

#infantpottytraining #naturalinfanthygiene #handmadebabyclothes #germanmade #babychaps #bellywarmer #babysplitpants #mamapreneur #godiaperfree


Twyla #16weeksold was dry all night again! We have moved her to a cozy crib in big sister's bedroom. (We have our queen sized bed back and are officially not sleeping on the futon any more. LOL.) She's been waking at 1am and 4am, or skips the 1am and only wakes at 4am, every night. And last night: DRY diaper at both wakeups, pee catch the first time, and pee/poo the second time. Woohoo! She's been pooping at 4am on the dot lately.

Her current nighttime #babysignal is "talking" or crying out briefly, not much fussing or any bad crying, and she knows I'll hear her over the baby monitor and come help her relieve herself, then nurse back to sleep.

Totally excited about how wonderfully #eliminationcommunication works...EVEN IN A SEPARATE ROOM. It is so adaptable.

I love #cosleeping and typically do it for the first 3-4 months...until both or either of us no longer sleep well...then we move to the crib in another room, with a monitor. After #5kids I am now hitting a rhythm with making choices that support our ENTIRE family in the best sleep, food, potty, outings...all departments. #liveandlearn

So, tell me: Have you had any dry nights lately? Night/sleep/EC challenges? Do comment below!

Biodegradable bamboo diaper by @get.dyper - this our nighttime backup and wow, can't say enough good stuff about em. BIODEGRADES IN 75 DAYS Y'ALL. Subscriptions only. Line shows when wet. Super soft. Baby signals well. And they make awesome wipes. More on Dyper in a later post, as I'm currently testing them out, but you can get their best price at <-- I'll keep that link updated!

#naturalinfanthygiene #infantpottytraining #dryallnight #nighttimeEC #4monthsold #naturalparenting #movetocrib successful #diaperalternative #biodegradablediapers #diaperfreebaby #diaperfree

Roadside pottytunity! Branson #2yearsold who has done #eliminationcommunication from birth woke up from a nap and said he needed to go pee. So, being the helpful mama that I am, I pulled over and whipped out potty. Used the open front passenger door to shield him from view and stood on the other side to give him privacy. #wetow  .

Tell me: Have you pulled over before to offer the potty? (No judgment if you said "go in your diaper honey"...been there done that) Do share below! .

Mini potty by @tinyundies - this is the prototype but they come in 4 other muted colors.

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Sometimes we do this, too. Pottying #16weekold Twyla off the deck at our #1890farmhouse - I imagine this is what the folks who lived here in 1890 may have done with their babies!!  .

So have you done any outdoor pottytunities since Spring has sprung (unless you're hitting Autumn downunder.....)? Do share below!

#eliminationcommunication #infantpottytraining #naturalinfanthygiene #diaperfreebaby #diaperfree


We teach independent play from a few weeks of age...with Montessori-inspired mobiles, for one! This is the dancer mobile. Twyla #4monthsold is looking at the mobile in her crib but we also have a hook over her #diaperfreetime play area so she can gaze at it (and other mobiles I'll share over the next few days/weeks) when she is enjoying her naked awareness-building moments in our #eliminationcommunication practice. (And it's priceless to have a child who can play independently at times...KWIM?!)

Dancer mobile by @essentialmontessori bought on Etsy.

Tell me: Have you ever considered building your baby's independence quite this early? Have we blown your mind or is this old news? Do share!

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And that's it for our photo update of EC for the last 10 weeks!

I hope you enjoyed traveling down memory lane with us.

Elimination communication has been going great, the usual ups and downs, mostly ups, and such deep conversation between Twyla and our family. Score!

Please comment below with anything new you learned in this post, any inspiration, any questions you may have.

xx Andrea

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Andrea Olson

About Andrea Olson

I'm Andrea and I spend most of my time with my 6 children (all under 12 yo) and the rest of my time teaching other new parents how to do Elimination Communication with their 0-18 month babies. I love what I do and try to make a difference in one baby or parent's life every single day. (And I love, love, love, mango gelato.)


  1. Avatar Savannah on April 28, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Hmmmm…I’m excited to read the update on Twyla’s ec journey, but there seems to be a glitch with this blog post. Where is it?

    • Avatar Andrea Olson on April 29, 2019 at 11:14 am

      Hey Savannah! It works now – weird glitch. Enjoy! xx Andrea

  2. Avatar Brittany Morey on May 3, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    This is amazing and so encouraging! Love it!

    • Avatar Andrea Olson on May 4, 2019 at 1:40 am

      I’m so glad! That’s why I share my stories. xx Andrea

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