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Elimination Communication with Twins

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This is a guest post from
Erica Grant
, our certified coach in Glasgow, MT. Some links here may earn her a referral commission. We only refer to products or services we’ve actually tried and think are super useful, because we’re practical and helpful like that. :)

Double the trouble, or double the fun? What do you do with two or more babies who need to pee at the same time when you only have two hands? Tune in for this week’s listener-submitted question asking how to juggle twins and EC, plus some expert advice from one of our certified coaches who is a twin mama herself. This episode is chock-full of great tips for any parent, whether you have singletons or multiples, so don’t miss it!


You Will Hear:

  • Schedule recommendations for starting EC with twins under a year old
  • How to handle EC with twins during outings
  • Tips for surviving potty pauses and sleep regressions
  • What to do when EC is clicking with one baby but not the other
  • Strategies for protecting your mindset and avoiding EC burnout


Links and other resources mentioned today:


Download the Transcript

If you can't listen to this episode right now (um, sleeping baby!?) and read the transcript here:

Transcript Download - Elimination Communication with Twins

Erica Grant

About Erica Grant

Erica is a software engineer and mom to twin girls and a singleton boy. She fell into EC unexpectedly after her son had a pretty rough start including a lengthy NICU stay. After 7 weeks of specialists, her “perfectly healthy” baby still fussed and clawed at his face every night, which led her to find EC. That first night her son peed in the potty 3x and she never looked back. She then set her sights on potty training her then-21-month-old twins, and after about 3 weeks they were night and daytime potty trained. Her son was fully daytime potty trained by 14.5 months old. This experience made her realize her real passion is potty training! Her favorite part is seeing babies become little kids and the huge push it gives them with all other developmental milestones.

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