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Catch a pee in 5 days!


Hi there! I’m Andrea and I teach new parents how to stop depending on full time diapers, starting as early as birth. There are 5 ways you can participate in the 5-Day Go Diaper Free Challenge.

Even just being on this webpage today counts as a step toward a diaper-free reality - which really means free from full-time diaper dependence.

Shift your idea of what is possible.

Stop letting the big diaper corporations tell you how to parent.

You can give your LO the gift of his or her DIGNITY and FREEDOM... and catch your first pee - this week!

(I promise I’ll make it easy.)


  • 1

    Take the Challenge

    To get a daily note to help you take baby steps.

  • 2

    Take a class with me

    Join me for a free class this week (or all three).

  • 3

    Grab our Facebook Profile Photo

    Use our photo all week long on your profile.

  • 4

    Enter our giveaway

    For a chance to win a spectacular prize, drawn monthly.

  • 5

    Share your photos with us

    For an extra entry into our giveaway.

Take the 5-Day Email Challenge

I'll send you five bite-sized steps you can take, starting today, over the next five days. So you can STOP changing, and START pottying! Just enter your email and name below to get started today, and catch your first pee this week!

Take a class with me

I'm teaching THREE free classes this week. Join me by clicking an event below to easily register - choose the class(es) that are right for your LO's age/stage! On the cusp of age between EC & PT... take both!

  • 1

    Easy Start Class for EC

    Free 30-minute class, 0-18 month babies
    A crash course in moving from full-time diapers to using the potty...starting today.
    Register here

  • 2

    Potty Training Class

    Free 30-minute class, 16 months + up
    5 steps to ditch diapers for, yesterday.
    Register here

  • 3

    Signals, Oh My! Class

    A special free class just about signals!
    Whether baby has some or none...or you are just plain lost.
    Register here

Grab the Profile Photo

Use our photo all week long on your Profile for an additional entry in our giveaway!

Grab the profile photo here:

Share your photos with us

Post a photo of your baby or toddler on the potty, or doing something potty-related, and tag #godiaperfreechallenge for an additional entry into our monthly giveaway.

Win our Premium Course Pack

I'm giving away my complete Premium Course Pack...
That is a package of all 10 courses!

The Premium Course Pack includes:
The 3 Signature Go Diaper Free Programs
Golden Window (for Newborns) - Movers + Shakers (for Mobile Babies) - Passing the Baton (for Young Toddlers)
All 7 MiniCourses
Diaper-free at Daycare - Nighttime EC 101 - EC While Out + About - Wrapping Up EC - Potty Pause Resolution - Getting EC Back on Track - Potty Time Master
6+ hours of bonus videos - digital Night Potty board book - support from certified coaches

Enter the contest below and we'll pick a new winner every month! Winners will be notified via email at the end of each month's giveaway period.

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