#1: Why parents are going diaper-free

why parents are going diaper-free


In our first episode of the Go Diaper Free Podcast, we are gonna chat about why parents are going diaper-free. What are the benefits of doing Elimination Communication with our babies? And what pushes parents over the edge of doubt into a world of possibility...a world where babies don’t have to depend 100% on diapers?

Infant pottying has become such a popular topic in the news this year (this happens every few years or so), and lots more new parents are turning to EC in order to avoid 3 years of diapering and conventional toilet training.

If you are interested in starting with your 0-18 month baby, but have yet to get around to it, I'll share with you the top 18 reasons why other parents are going diaper-free...and loving it.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How parents are using less diapers, saving money + time, and lessening mess
  • The ways EC makes potty training easier later
  • Exactly how many disposable diapers are landfilled each year in the US (this will surprise you)
  • How Elimination Communication helps parents solve issues such as breastfeeding problems, colic, diaper rash, allergies, and constipation
  • Plus much more...

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Items mentioned in this session:

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