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A weekly zoom meeting with our awesome group of worldwide EC mamas + daddies, plus exclusive membership in our Tiny Undies Buyers Club

In Our Monthly Membership


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    a weekly virtual EC group with our Certified Coaches

Get consistent, steady, wise support from one of our top Go Diaper Free Certified Coaches every week. Come ask your questions and connect with others like you. And, yes, we can chat parenting, potty time, or any number of things. It's wide open to what you need to unblock you right now.

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    exclusive Tiny Undies Buyers Club - 20% off all the time

We believe that, with the proper tools, your potty success is undeniable. So, when you're an active member of the Potty Tribe, you'll receive an exclusive membership to the brand new Tiny Undies Buyers Club where you get a special code for 20% off, 24/7, more waiting for that specific product or color to go on sale! *Buyers Club membership is only valid during active Potty Tribe membership.

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    advance invites to in-person events with Andrea Olson

It's time to gather again! Andrea has some gatherings planned for the upcoming months and years that she will extend a special invitation for...first to our Potty Tribe, second to our general community. These events will likely sell out, so you'll be sure to avoid the FOMO by being part of the Tribe.



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get almost 3 months free
if you pay for a year ($168 total) in advance

"Just wanted to let you know that you gave me the best parenting advice that I'm constantly trying to pass on to friends. How if some task you want to accomplish with your kid distracts from the actual relationship with your kid, stop it! I have PTSD and calm in my home is our number one goal, especially for our daughters development. While we kind of half assed our ECing your words gave us the confidence to do what works for our family instead of getting sucked into some sort of parenting competition. Thank you!”


"Thanks for the help! I don't know anyone else (in my area or otherwise) who ECs so this has been a journey. I am so appreciative of having this forum for support. EC has been a lifesaver and I can't imagine how different my parenting experience would have been had I not stumbled across it.”


"I can't thank you for all your work!! You helped me realize my firstborn could do this and this time around I started right away!! I LOVE knowing that she's learning something about her body and knowing that I'm learning to listen to my infant!!”


Welcome to the...

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tribe /trīb/ noun 1. a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

The Potty Tribe is our little slice of community where we strive to make life easier through pottying, connecting with our babies in a natural, authentic way, and being there for each other as mamas (and some daddies).

I've been dreaming of connecting with y'all on a more intimate level, so I've created The Potty Tribe to do just that.

To me, "tribe" is not just an anthropological classification of a traditional society (I'm part Cherokee, myself, so I am familiar with Native American tribes for sure...but I'm also part Filipina [hello pygmy tribe!], plus I teach EC which is based on potty practices extracted from tribes across the world)'s a MOVEMENT of like-minded people, and I embrace this meaning whole-heartedly.

We're gonna get y'all together every single week, encourage and inspire you, and build a tight-knit community of parents and babies who are synced up and finding massive success with EC.

Because, alone, we can only do so much. In a monthly or quarterly meeting, we can only do so much. With the power of consistent, dynamic meeting and encouragement, WE INSTANTLY BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.


It is an absolute MUST-JOIN if you dream of:

  • no longer feeling alone in this practice, getting your questions clearly answered and meeting your chosen Tribe

  • gracefully navigating the ups and downs of EC with the wise help of leaders in the infant potty training world, including movement-leader Andrea Olson, and
  • thriving (not just surviving) with your baby, helping him or her grow and develop as a sovereign child in this crazy world.


Potty Tribe members will have access to the membership website, Facebook Group, and 20% off monthly discount at Tiny Undies as long as you remain a paying member. You are welcome to cancel your Potty Tribe membership at any time by emailing us.

For more details visit our Terms fo Use

The virtual EC groups are 90-minute live video broadcasts led by Go Diaper Free Certified Coaches weekly, all online via Zoom. Get consistent and steady support and an arena to ask your questions and connect with others like you.

If you miss a weekly virtual EC group, not to worry! We get the full replay uploaded into the private group within 24 hours so you can watch it at your convenience, as often as you like (while you're a paying Tribe member).

A Note From Andrea...

I am stoked to co-create a tight-knit community of like-minded ECers, the world over, who regularly meet, encourage one another, and make massively bigger steps than we can take on our own.

The Potty Tribe is a monthly membership with exclusive perks and benefits that will keep you not only on track, but THRIVING with your potty practice.

I can't wait to welcome you in to the Tribe!

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