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Whether you have none, want more, or are completely lost, join Andrea for a special free class where we just talk about signals!

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Introducing a new class on Signals...

I created the Signals, Oh My! master class to help you understand what's happening when baby stops signaling, learn the steps around this potential roadblock, and help you pave the way for future signaling…all in less than 30 minutes’ time.


Now, let's see what's in this master class.

, we'll cover the what, when, and why of the signals conundrum so you can orient yourself.

Next, I'll help you map out two other ways to potty your baby that do no require signals for success.

Finally, Finally, we'll take a look at how to teach your baby to eventually signal, including how, when, and why to differentiate your prompts as baby matures.

By the time the half-hour's up, you'll be leaps and bounds further along than you've been in days (or months).

Sound like a plan?

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