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A step-by-step potty training experience for those who want to train as a group.

How to get even better at Potty Training, avoid false starts and confusion, and have even more fun with a class full of other parents at your side.

A coupon for a FREE potty (top hat or mini potty from Tiny Undies) ($20 Value)

A coupon for a FREE pack of undies or trainers ($20 Value)

Private Online Community Forums - so you can mingle with fellow parents, off-Facebook! ($397 Value)

Monthly group q+a’s with Andrea ($397 Value)

Exclusive Interviews to get you in the right mindset ($197 Value)

Potty Training (un)Bootcamp

  • ✓ Private Online Community Forum
  • ✓ Monthly Group Q+As with Andrea
  • ✓ Exclusive Interviews
  • ✓ Coupon for FREE Potty
  • ✓ Coupon for FREE Pack Undies or Trainers

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