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Make potty training so much easier with the right tools!


Overwhelm and confusion be gone! I've bundled the 5 most essential potty training items for you...

🤫 this pricing is unbelievable!

Get 50% off TODAY ONLY, right here and right now, only!

  • 1 Mini Potty in Grey - $25

  • 1 Tiny Undies 3-pack, Aqua Blue, 3T* - $25

  • ​1 Tiny Undies 3-pack, Natural Undyed, 3T* - $25

  • ​1 Tiny Trainers 3-pack, Aqua Blue, 3T* - $30

  • 1 Tiny Potty Board Book - $11.99

Total Value: $116.99

Today's Bundle Price, ONLY


for all 5 items!

What's inside the bundle, and why!

Here's a little snippet on which Gear is included, and why:

A mini potty is included in this bundle because a toddler who can't independently mount the potty is a toddler who will resist the process! After trying out your new potty, you'll want several of these to keep in various rooms (and the minivan).

Tiny Trainers in Aqua Blue - at I offer Tiny Trainers (the best, most absorbent 100% cotton-padded training pants on the planet!) in 4 different colors. We've found over the past years that the Aqua Blue color shows BEST right when they are wet - so when you are training, you will get the info you need, stat. Also great for outings, naps, and daycare.

Tiny Undies in Aqua Blue and Natural/Undyed - you'll definitely need some underwear, by why compromise your values and buy the ones with comic characters and princesses all over them?? These Tiny Undies will be great for daily wear, and we've picked two 3-packs of our best-selling colors, too.

Tiny Potty board book - no other board book guides your baby through the correct potty routine, including leaving play to pee and returning to play after. My board book doesn't focus on diapers or "readiness" myths. It is gender- and age-neutral. Tiny Potty will become your child's fave potty time book!

If you're like 95% of my EC followers, you will ❤️ Tiny Undies, too!

Let this be your first taste of the best EC gear on the planet (trust me, after this bundle, you'll know why).



*We can offer this huge discount by selecting the color of potty, Tiny Undies, and Tiny Trainers for you. You will receive what is pictured above UNLESS we are out of stock, in which case we will select a color for you.

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