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Potty Training Plan

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What's in the Plan

Use this simple one-page potty training plan for an overview of the 3 phases of potty training your child, including:

the 3 steps you must master during the training phase

the 5 most important tasks for nailing potty independence after training

where nights and naptime fit in to the big picture

when to have your child clothed (or not).

As a bonus, I'll send you my free 3 day Potty Training Primer Course that I email to numerous families daily.

If you're like 99% of my readers who wish they'd had a plan when they were starting potty training, please enter your info and get the plan today.

baby boy ECed on potty

"Your potty training book was fantastic! I absolutely loved the way it was written. Your pep talk and motivational first few chapters was exactly what I needed to get started. It made me super excited and fearless to begin! 


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