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tiny potty training board book

A simple, cute, teaching board book for ages 6 months + up...minus all the potty training myths!

Who this board book is for

Babies and toddlers 6 months and up will enjoy this toilet training board book...without any of the negatives that come with others like it.

If you want to give the message that potty is a normal part of day-to-day life, don't want to emphasize "getting out of diapers" or "waiting for readiness," and want to empower your little one with the how-to of potty time...

Whether you are doing Elimination Communication or potty training, wanting to expose your child to the potty at any age, or you're all finished with the process and want to reinforce a positive potty attitude...

This book is for your child.

About the Board Book

Tiny Potty is more than just a silly book about the potty…it is a step-by-step demonstration of exactly how to notice you need to pee, pause play, use the potty properly, and return to play. This book will help your baby or toddler learn the whole process without any of the misinformation on potty learning that's out there…

tiny potty board book by andrea olson

the board book a vibrant 11 page cardboard-bound book. lightweight and only 6 inches wide x 6 inches tall for small hands. liquid-repellant and durable glossy finish. rip-proof for the rough-and-tumble crowd.

teaches the actual steps of going to the potty, including body awareness of when to go, the whole potty routine, and (importantly) returning to play when finished

doesn't teach children it's okay to pee on the floor or in their pants (focusing instead on positive outcomes)

has age-appropriate humor for babies and toddlers 6 months and up (most potty books are geared toward adult humor and mature jokes)

doesn't include pictures of diapers, or the question of "should I pee in my diaper or not?"

gives the message that children are capable of going to the potty from an early age

doesn't give the message that children should "wait til they're ready" (a message created by a Pampers advocate and pediatrician just two years after disposable diapers hit the market - which has doubled our potty training age in the US)

makes toilet use "normal" at any age, breaking through cultural beliefs that early potty training is harmful or "odd"

gets to the point where other potty books are extremely wordy (we're working with tight attention spans, parents!)

has a very matter-of-fact tone of "this is what we do now" (instead of "would you like to use the potty?" we say "this is how you use the potty")

is gender- and age-neutral so you can use it with any baby or child, male or female.

the digital board book read instantly on any device including a Kindle, smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. (universal PDF format)

Buy the Book

Join 1,000s of parents going diaper-free worldwide who need a great tool that exclusively supports their child's potty learning. The cost for the Tiny Potty Board Book Package is now only $20 $14.99.

Board Book

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Book Package

  • ✓ the digital book
  • ✓ the board book

Digital Book

  • ✓ the digital book

Watch Andrea + Isadora read the book to you!

Did you know that babies learn best by repetition and mimicry?

Babies and toddlers learn best by doing something over and over and over and over (and over) again…and by any type of repetition. This is why they say "again!" enthusiastically every time we finish reading them a book.

With potty learning and EC, babies learn from a "herd mentality." If they see others doing it, they want to do it.

The character (and Bear) in this book help demonstrate what to do when using the toilet, and children take to this as they do to any song, book, or game.

I know first-hand how difficult it was to find a board book to read to my first son when I was doing EC with him from birth. I knew he longed to repeat the right steps. I knew he wanted a model to follow (who was not me...someone his own age).

I longed for a book that didn't mention diapers, or readiness, and that didn't feature a grown child going through the motions, with uncertainty to boot.

Now you get what I didn't have.

And you can use Tiny Potty with any age child!

Pregnant? Consider this an essential part of your first board book collection for your baby-to-be.

Newborn or mobile baby (0-12 months)? Reading is known to benefit babies as early as birth. And when baby starts sitting and crawling, it's the perfect time to start rehearsing the proper way to use the toilet.

Young toddler (12-18 months)? You can take advantage of this super-absorbent period of childhood by providing the task repetition that young toddlers crave.

Toddler (18 months and up to any age child)? Whether your toddler is beginning toilet training or has mastered it and you just want to reinforce the good habits, this book will serve your toddler well.

Buy Tiny Potty and start reading it together today

Join 1,000s of parents going diaper-free worldwide who need a great tool that exclusively supports their child's potty learning. The cost for the Tiny Potty Board Book Package is now only $20 $14.99.

Board Book

  • ✓ the board book

Book Package

  • ✓ the digital book
  • ✓ the board book

Digital Book

  • ✓ the digital book

Here's what parents are saying about my book.

I bought this book for my 11 month old, who is my third child to practice EC. She loves it, and she grabs this book every time she's on her potty. I love the illustrations, I think they're adorable. I'm thrilled to finally have a potty book aimed toward younger children and with more of an EC twist. What I didn't expect, though, is that my older kids have been reading this book like crazy. It seems that when my baby isn't "reading" it, her siblings are, specifically my 6 and 7 year olds, and they enjoy reading it to her.

-Meg R.

"My son loves this book. As casual ECers since our son was 5 months old, 'Tiny Potty' has helped create a stronger dialogue around using the potty and toilet for our now 2 year old. This has lead to a new awareness as our son has realised his own control over his bodily functions, and gleefully takes part in peeing as the child does in the story. A favourite read for potty time, and we've only had it a week! Well done Andrea :)"

-a reader in the UK

"My 14-month old seems to really like reading this book while on the potty -- it's great that she can see an exact illustration of what she's doing. She has also started waving goodbye to her pee and poops like the baby in the book. I like that the baby is gender neutral, and that all of the steps of pottying are laid out in simple terms. Great book for those who EC but also for any child learning how to use the potty independently."

-H. Miller

"Big Hit!!! My 2 year old daughter loves this book. She likes me to read it to her and then reviews the book herself afterwards and points out parts of the book that she finds important or eye-opening to her! Thank you for creating this book! I am so happy to have it. This will be a positive reinforcement to my daughter's potty training."

-Denise P.

About the author, Andrea Olson


Andrea Olson, MA, is a DiaperFreeBaby Mentor who helps make it easy for parents of 0-18 month babies to start elimination communication with ease, and she teaches non-coercive potty training as well. She has spent the last several years working with 1000’s of parents, one-on-one, to solve the biggest EC challenges and make the practice of pottying their babies efficient, effective, and most of all…enjoyable. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and is endorsed by…and is newly a mother of 6. She lives in Asheville with her husband, children, cat, and chickens.

If you have any more questions about the book, please shoot me an email. I’m happy to personally reply!

Thanks for taking the time to read this info on my board book. I wish you a very happy journey, whether it's EC or potty learning!


andrea signature

Andrea Olson, MA
Mom, DiaperFreeBaby Mentor, Director of the Go Diaper Free Certified Coach Training Program, & Author

PS – As a work-at-home mother (WAHM), I appreciate the immense gift you give through your purchase today.

PPS – If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of my book, you may request a full, no questions asked refund within 5 days of your purchase (not download) date.

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