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Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse

How to complete EC, in 3 you can be done.

If you've been doing EC for some time and are ready to finish up...

or if you're just starting out and want to know what to expect at the other end...

or if your baby is resisting and you think she's asking for full control...

this minicourse is for you.

Most babies don't just wrap it up on their own.

The popular belief that children self-train (in conventional toilet training) may have trickled into your mind and convinced you that, with EC, the same should happen.

But the truth is that most of the time you have to actively wrap up EC with your little one. The problem is that most of us don't know how.

Yep. I get it. And I've been there. I had no clue how to wrap it up with my first son! The process dragged on for about 4 months.

Now, I know how to wrap up EC in 3 different ways, and in this course I'll show you how.


You can do it, too! Imagine if... could help your baby make big steps toward toilet independence within weeks (instead of months or years). no longer felt confused about how to wrap it up. were able to guide your baby to completion with the confidence of an experienced grandmother.

Yes, you can take steps today toward wrapping up EC, with your choice of 3 clear paths, in less than one hour of instruction.

Since 2010, I've helped 100,000s of parents start EC with their little ones...and I've personally seen EC drag on beyond 3 years old (you guessed it: the parent didn't know she could actively wrap it up).

Take Tamara, for instance. Here was her struggle:

Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse

"I’ve been trying to teach my cute 14 months boy to use the potty on his own, for about a month now. The morning poop goes reasonably well, but when it comes to peeing he just can’t be bothered. Has no problem going around in wet pants. How do we encourage him go to the potty and ask for our help when he wants to pee? I think half of the city water consumption goes to our washing machine!"

Maybe you've been in Tamara's shoes. Or are in them right now!

Now for the good news. With my help, EC was completely wrapped up by the time Tamara's boy was 16 months old, with a clear and happy outcome.

If reading Tamara's story sounds like I've taken a page from your daily life, let's get you into this course, stat.

3 ways to wrap-up:

1. Pure EC. I've wrapped up EC with all my babies in this way. It is absolutely possible to wrap up EC without a potty training experience!

2. A Hybrid Wrap-up. I've dabbled in this one with my first son, and it totally helped him start to run to the potty when he needed to go. This is an extension of my book's optional hybrid plan, and it definitely gets the message across to kiddos who need a bigger training experience.

3. Potty Training. This course does not teach you how to do a potty training experience. For that, get my book for 18 months and up and wrap up EC with potty training. However, this course does teach you so many things that complement the potty training book, and gives you a 30% off coupon for that, things to consider! If I were you? I would personally get this course plus the PT book if I had a child who was seriously resisting or so strong-willed that she needed a full training.

As you can imagine, there isn't a "magic pill" you can take that help you wrap up EC overnight. But taking the steps, TODAY, toward making this happen is easier than you'd think.

Introducing the Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse...

How to complete EC in three ways. So you can be done.

I created the Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse to help you learn how to tie up all those loose ends and reach potty independence.

Within the hour, you'll know what to expect, get prepared for maximum success, and know exactly what needs to shift to make EC a done deal (or headed in that precise direction).


Now, let's see what's inside.

, I'll teach you what to expect at your baby's current and future ages, help you into the right mindset by erasing the static of diapering culture nonsense, and shift your brain to some new goals.

Next, we'll get the environment and backups ready, deeply learn the 5 parts of wrap-up, and succinctly cover tricky areas such as daycare, outings, and nighttime.

Finally, we'll cover some important keys to shifting from EC to done-with-EC, troubleshoot the most common hangups (there are dozens), and give you some alternative wrap-up tools, should you need more.

By the time the hour's up, you'll be leaps and bounds further along than you've been in days (or months).

Sound good to you?

Let's take a peek at the curriculum, shall we?

Here is a sneak-peek at the curriculum inside this course:

Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse
Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse

The *magic* in how this course happens

I am a mom (of 6 kids spanning 12 years) - and I get it.

This minicourse is set up exactly the way I would prefer to learn, as a busy mom with very little bandwidth for time-consuming luxuries + over-the-top experiences.

Here's what I've planned, with you in mind. (Trust me, you need these features to get thru the course, mama/daddy.)

(roll over or click to flip and read the 6 cards below)

read, watch,
or listen

truly multimedia

This course comes in 3 formats! Video saves your place and autocompletes (because: interruptions!). Audio can be downloaded to your phone or listened to in the course. A full written transcript for those quiet night learning sessions.

all new

this is all new stuff

If you already have my book, this course takes a deep dive into what's presented there about completion and takes it even further. (If you don't have my book, you'll get a generous coupon within the course itself.)

lean course

because you're busy

You're a busy mom (or dad) this course is bite-sized and lean. It only includes what you need to know, and it's all presented as though I'm in your home, coaching you face-to-face.

learn from
any device

feel free to device-hop

My learning platform can be accessed from any device, and it *magically* saves your place. So, learn on the toilet (in those rare alone moments), while folding laundry, while at the playground, or all 3 at once!

mingle with
other students

support starts here

You'll have conversations with other students, a Certified Go Diaper Free Coach or two, and occasionally me, throughout the course with our handy commenting system (read: support!)...because you don't know anyone who does EC, and certainly no one who's wrapping it up!

immediate lifetime access

begin learning today

When you click "add to cart" + complete your purchase, you can begin learning right away. You'll have lifetime access so you can take the course at your own pace, and re-use it for future kiddos.

Watch a little preview

Here's a sample lecture from the main part of the minicourse - so you can experience this minicourse, for real.

This one is called "The 3 Wrap-up Options" and can help you see if this minicourse is for you.

And a little bonus sample

Here's a sample video from the bonus footage that comes with this minicourse - so you can see how helpful the extras are!

This video is called "Isadora Teaches: How to push down pants and sit on mini potty."

A bunch of hands-on bonus material

Some things are better learned hands-on.
Wrapping up EC *definitely* falls into this category!

This course includes bonus material such as:


isadora teaches video series

75 minutes of specific video examples of various wrap-up activities and progress (31 videos total), including:

a 12 video series of my 3 year old teaching your child the basic skills s/he needs

a 9 video series of wrapping it up with our 17 month boy

Daddy's take on the whole wrap-up process

a several-part 7 minute video on wrapping it up at daycare/preschool

the full Hybrid Plan from my Go Diaper Free book. (PDF)

the full Nighttime Potty Training excerpt from my Tiny Potty Training Book. (PDF)

the Tiny Potty board (e)book to help your child learn the whole potty routine. (PDF)

a handful of downloads, simple supply lists, and photographs that equip you with what you more, no less.

Buy the MiniCourse

For less than a month's worth of diapers, you can own this minicourse for a lifetime and wrap up EC with this child (and future babes) the right way. Buy the course now for $27 and begin learning instantly - or get it inside the 7 MiniCourse Bundle for a limited time at $97:

Wrapping Up EC

  • 82 bite-sized videos / approx 71 minutes
  • full audio version with 82 formatted chapters
  • full written transcript
  • interaction with peers + instructor
  • 31 bonus demo videos / approx 75 minutes
  • Bonus Board Book PDF
  • 30% off coupon for all my books
  • instant lifetime access from any device

The 7 MiniCourse Bundle

$97 (save 51%)
  • Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse (this course) $27 value
  • Diaper Free at Daycare MiniCourse $27 value
  • Getting EC Back on Track MiniCourse $27 value
  • Potty Pause Resolution MiniCourse $27 value
  • Nighttime EC 101 MiniCourse $27 value
  • Potty Time Master MiniCourse $27 value
  • EC While Out + About MiniCourse $27 value
  • 30% off coupon for all my books
  • all MiniCourse bonuses
  • lifetime access from any device

See you in class!

When you click "Add to Cart" you'll be asked to enter your payment details and check out.

Once you've paid, you'll receive a receipt and a separate email with your login information - my Mighty Network community/program platform is called "Andrea Olson Productions" and the email will reflect that.

Note that this email could take 15-30 minutes for the Internet Robots to deliver to your email!! Please be patient. :)

Just follow the super-simple instructions in that email from our Mighty Network, and begin the Welcome Module immediately!

I very much look forward to seeing you in this intimate, hands-on, in-depth class!

If you have any questions or hesitations, please check out the FAQ section, below.

If you still need help or have any other questions for me, please email me at I strive to answer all emails within 72 hours (it would be sooner but I answer all emails myself).

You mean the world to me and I do this all for you and your baby. Thank you so much....

Frequently Asked Questions

What others have asked before jumping into the Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What media does the course use?

We use video, audio, and written media to deliver this course. You never know what your baby will "allow" you to get done today, so we've got all your various formats covered, and you can use them on any device. We are parents, too! We get it. :)

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Is this course limited to a certain age range?

This course was created for parents who do Elimination Communication (EC) with their babies of ages 0-18 + months. However, it can also be used with children who've been ECed in the past and who are over 18 months of age.

Does this course replace your book?

Nope! This course takes a deep-dive into wrapping up EC. My book covers the whole big picture, plus all the interlinked areas of doing EC. Go Diaper Free is multimedia, too, and you get a generous coupon for it when you buy any of my minicourses. I want you to be equipped, so def get the book, too!

What type of device do I need / do I need to be tech-savvy?

Since the MiniCourse is hosted on a website, and is responsive to your screen size, you can simply watch/listen/read on any device (and switch between them - we'll save your place). There are specific walk-throughs of how to best view/hear/download things in the course, and I make it 100% easy to navigate. Tech will not be an issue, and if it is, I'm an email away.

Should I choose this course or wrap-up with your potty training book? Does this course teach your potty training method?

If your child is over 18 months of age and you want a super-quick wrap-up (or have a very easy, or very challenging, child) - you may want to skip this course and get my potty training book instead. If I were you, I would get this course, which lays the groundwork for wrap-up and gives a full explanation of two methods of wrap-up, AND the potty training book, which would give you the training experience, in full. This course does NOT teach potty training, directly. My book (at the link above) does. This course DOES, however, teach everything else, and introduces potty training as a third option, but it is, honestly, primarily geared for EC wrap-up.

Do you offer support with this course?

You betcha! This course includes support from me on occasion and a dedicated Certified Go Diaper Free Coach (whom I've trained, myself) in the commenting system on every lecture. You will also be able to mingle and support one another in the comments as a community - one of the best features of these courses!

Will this course cover x, y, or z?

This course is all about wrapping up EC. It doesn't cover the potty training experience, nighttime, part-time, pauses, or out and about in much detail (although these things are mentioned) - we've got other courses in the Academy for those subtopics of EC, plus courses on birth and much much more. This particular course is a super-specific MiniCourse - it is chock-full of all things wrap-up. Enjoy!

What's up with the bundle deal?

If you think you're going to need at least 4 of the 7 MiniCourses at some point along your EC journey, you should definitely get the bundle of courses now. The 7 bundled MiniCourses are actually the top 7 EC challenges that my audience ranked in a survey I recently gave. If you don't need one now, you are certain to need it later!

What is your refund policy?

I want you to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 5 calendar days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

Andrea Olson

Andrea Olson

Your Instructor
Andrea Olson, M.A., is a pioneer in helping parents reduce diaper dependence with any age child or baby, from birth through toddlerhood. She has her Master's Degree in Psychology and presently lives in Asheville, NC, with her 6 children, all ECed from birth.
Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse

"I want to give you a huge shout out for the work you do AND let people know that EC does not have to be hard! We started ECing at birth, but very casually: We always used diapers at night, and many times for daytime outings. My son is now 19-months and aside from the occasional accident, I haven't cleaned up a poopy diaper in more than 9 months! With your book and course, it was pretty painless and we've been totally diaper-free, including nights, for about a week. Thank you so much."


proud to be mentioned in...

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