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The Bundle

All 7 minicourses. Lifetime access. Done deal.

If you are doing elimination communication with your baby, this bundle was made just for you.

Whoever you are, wherever you are. This is it.

Whether you're pregnant and preparing, mid-way through EC already, or ready to wrap it up (and possibly have future children), all of these courses would no doubt make things a heck of a lot easier for you.

Let's face it. We don't live in intact community, potty wisdom is not passed down in our DNA, and we need to actually sit down and learn EC.

The best way to do this? Hands-on, visually, in-person, if possible.

I created these minicourses so you'd feel like I'm sitting in your living room with you, walking you through everything step by step, coaching you through one-on-one.

A short while ago, I surveyed over 10,000 parents and found out that we all struggle with the same things - and I set out to create a solution to all those challenges.

This bundle is the result of that journey!

I've not only been there and back again in every aspect of EC with my own 6 children, but I've also helped 100,000s of new parents do the same.

If you're interested in giving your baby the best start possible by being awesome at EC, this bundle is for you.

You can do this! Imagine if... were skilled at helping your baby get to the potty until she could do it herself. no longer felt confused about any part of the EC process. were able to potty your baby with the freedom and confidence that humans for 100,000s of years have experienced.

Yes, you can take steps today toward EC mastery with your choice of 7 essential topics, in less than one hour of instruction each.

Introducing The Bundle

Let's take a peek at what's inside this yummy bundle, shall we?


7 deep dives.

What's your biggest EC challenge? is the question I recently asked over 10,000 of my readers.

Nighttime. Outings. Daycare.
Potty Time. Potty Pauses. Back on Track.
Wrap Up.

Then I got to work.

The result?  7 deep dives into the challenge areas you may face while doing EC with your baby.

(And they happen to be super-busy-parent-friendly.)

Get the bundle if you're ready now - or keep reading to learn a smidgen about each one...


Diaper Free at Daycare is my minicourse I created so you can continue your potty training even while at daycare (0-3 years and up).

I created the Diaper Free at Daycare MiniCourse to help you ditch diapers at daycare...exactly how I've taught new parents...all in less than an hour's time.

You'll learn how to know if you're ready to send your baby to daycare without diapers, how to partner with the teachers during this process, and how to foolproof going diaper-free at daycare.

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.


Nighttime EC 101 is all about how, and whether, to potty your baby in the wee hours of the night.

Sometimes night pottying helps baby sleep. Sometimes it should absolutely not be done.

Do you know the difference? This course shares about what to expect at various stages in your baby's life...all revolving around the mantra of doing EC at night only if it gets everyone better sleep...and how to do it. Definitely an art, not a science.

(Plus you get my digital board book - Night Potty.)

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.


EC While Out + About is my minicourse about extending EC to outings (and travel) with your baby.

If I had a dime for every time a parent told me that outings are easier than EC at home...I'd be rich.

This course is chock-full of example videos of how to do outings in planes, trains, and automobiles, on walks and hikes, and in the regular ole grocery store - with one baby or four children at once.

(Ask me how I know.)

You will love the freedom found in ECing on-the-go.

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.

Potty Time.

Potty Time Master is my minicourse about the "when" behind pottying your baby.

More than 70% of babies stop signaling at some point or another.

Which leaves parents feeling like a failure. But, wait! There are 3 other ways to know baby needs to potty, and I cover all 4 "roads" are extensively in this course.

Add in some hands-on exercises and a bonus course on simplifying life...and you'll be a Master at Potty Time in no time.

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.

Potty Pauses.

Potty Pause Resolution will help you get thru that wretched potty pause, and on to more harmonious days.

Everyone knows that potty pauses suck.

This course takes what I teach about pauses in my book...and SuperSizes it. Just the bonus videos alone are enough to help you finally round the bend toward a more peaceful pottying situation (and future wrap-up).

Because none of us know how to act, or what to do, when baby is freaking out (and we are doubting ourselves!).

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.

Back on Track.

Getting EC Back on Track is for parents who need to get EC going again after some time of inactivity (or disaster).

Most of us fall off the wagon, at some point.

The key is to get back on! I can not tell you how many parents come to me at 24 months of age and guiltily say, "Well, I fell off the wagon at around 8 months of age and we're still in disposables and all is lost!!! I'm a terrible parent!!"

Let's prevent that from ever happening to you. I've included a full walk-thru video of how I did it with my daughter at 8 months old (when I'd gotten lazy).

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.

Wrap Up.

Wrapping Up EC will help you complete the EC process ("graduate") in 2 of 3 possible ways.

I've seen EC drag on to 39 months.

This course is like wrap-up magic. I share 3 ways to wrap up EC and go in-depth on two of them. We also touch on wrapping it up with daycare, nights, and outings. The bonus vids are fantastic (including my 3 yr old teaching your child every part of the routine).

If you're ready to be done yesterday, take steps to be done today. (If you're here yourself a fave and learn this info today so you're prepared and stuff.)

Learn More or Buy the Bundle Now.

Since 2010, I've helped 100,000s of parents start EC with their little ones...and I can tell you that most parents experience 7 distinct challenge areas thru the course of their EC journey.

Take Marcie, for instance. Here was her struggle:

Getting EC Back on Track MiniCourse

"My friends have told me that it's 'too early to potty train,' but their children are 2 years old and up...and are still in diapers. I do not want that for my baby. I would like your advice on how to best do EC, and what I should know ahead of time. (And thank you, in advance, for teaching me something I was clueless about for so long!)"

Maybe you've been in Marcie's shoes. Or are in them right now!

Now for the good news. With my help, Marcie was able to take her then-4-week-old baby thru the entire cycle of EC, to daytime completion at 16 months, without all the struggle and heartache...with a great deal of joy and ease.

If you, on any level, resonate with Marcie's desires for her baby, let's get you into this bundle, today.

3 reasons to get learning:

1. We are often the only people in our town who do EC (that we know of). If everyone around you is insisting that you must late train your child, or wait for readiness, but YOU don't feel the same way, your confidence can take a beating. The solution for this lack of community support? Knowledge (and virtual community support!).

2. Elimination Communication can be done off free information on the Internet...but it's not advised. I am an expert on this topic and I've helped 10,000s of babies and parents overcome EC challenges, beyond my own 4 babies. These courses are an invaluable deep dive into everything you will need to know, with plans to add more in the future. (Add this bundle to my EC book and you've got the best resource on the planet...with the least time-wasting fluff possible.)

3. Babies grow up so fast! (Yes, it's so cliché!) The sooner you understand how EC works, know how to get thru common challenges, and know approximately what to expect, the better and easier your EC practice will become, over time. Because, blink once, and your baby's in Kindergarten!

No, you can't learn all the in's and out's overnight. But taking the steps, TODAY, to increase your knowledge is easier than you'd think.

EC While Out + About MiniCourse
potty time mastery audio on mobile

The *magic* in how these courses happen

I am a mom of 6 kids across an 12 year span - and I get it.

Each minicourse is set up exactly the way I would prefer to learn, as a busy mom with very little bandwidth for time-consuming luxuries + over-the-top experiences.

Here's what I've planned, with you in mind. (Trust me, you need these features to get thru the course, mama/daddy.)

(roll over or click to flip and read the 6 cards below)

read, watch,
or listen

truly multimedia

These courses come in 3 formats! Video saves your place and autocompletes (because: interruptions!). Audio can be downloaded to your phone or listened to in each course. And full written transcripts for those quiet night learning sessions.

all new

this is all new stuff

If you already have my book, these courses take 7 separate deep dives into what's presented there about a specific topic and take them even further. (If you don't have my book, you'll get a generous coupon within the course itself.)

lean courses

because you're busy

You're a busy mom (or dad) these courses are bite-sized and lean. They only include what you need to know, and everything is presented as though I'm in your home, coaching you face-to-face.

learn from
any device

feel free to device-hop

My learning platform can be accessed from any device, and it *magically* saves your place. So, learn on the toilet (in those rare alone moments), while folding laundry, while at the playground, or all 3 at once!

mingle with
other students

support starts here

You'll have conversations with other students, a Certified Go Diaper Free Coach or two, and occasionally me, throughout the courses with our handy commenting system (read: support!)...because you don't know anyone who does EC, and certainly no one going thru the issue you are!

immediate lifetime access

begin learning today

When you click "add to cart" + complete your purchase, you can begin learning right away. You'll have lifetime access so you can take the courses at your own pace, and re-use them for future kiddos.

Watch a little preview

Here's a sample lecture from one of the minicourses - so you can experience what they're gonna be like to go thru.

This one is from the Potty Pause Resolution MiniCourse and is called,"Why do potty pauses happen?"

And a little bonus sample

Here's a sample video from the bonus footage that comes with this bundle - so you can see how helpful the extras are!

This video is called "Isadora Teaches: How to push down pants and sit on mini potty."

A encyclopedia of hands-on bonus material

Some things are better learned hands-on.
Elimination Communication, in general, *definitely* falls into this category!

This bundle includes all of the bonus material from each MiniCourse, such as:


110 short-and-sweet bonus video examples on topics ranging from how much space to give to create an environment of privacy - to - how to handle a child who says "no" - to - how to catch that very first poop with a day-old-newborn - to - how to EC while on a walk (basically, the best of my private EC video library featuring my 4 babies, in my home)

a 12 video series of my 3 year old teaching your child the basic skills s/he needs

both of my board (e)books - Tiny Potty and Night Potty - to teach your child the potty routine in a fun, visual way (both in PDF format)

essential downloads, simple supply lists, and photographs that equip you with what you more, no less.

Buy the 7 MiniCourse Bundle

For less than a month of chai lattés, you can own all 7 minicourses for a lifetime and get amazing results with EC (for this and future babies). (And what would 3 years of diapers cost you if you don't do EC?) Buy the bundle now for $329 $97:

The 7 MiniCourse Bundle

$97 (save 70%)
  • 7 bite-sized minicourses / less than 1 hour each / $47 value each
  • full audio version for each course
  • full written transcript for each course
  • 7 sets of bonus demo videos / 110 short videos, total
  • interaction with peers + instructor
  • both digital board books (Tiny Potty + Night Potty) (PDFs)
  • 30% off coupon for all my books
  • instant lifetime access from any device

See you in class!

When you click "Add to Cart" you'll be asked to enter your payment details and check out.

Once you've paid, you'll receive a receipt and a separate email with your login information - my Mighty Network community/program platform is called "Andrea Olson Productions" and the email will reflect that.

Note that this email could take 15-30 minutes for the Internet Robots to deliver to your email!! Please be patient. :)

Just follow the super-simple instructions in that email from our Mighty Network, and begin the Welcome Module immediately!

I very much look forward to seeing you in this intimate, hands-on, in-depth class!

If you have any questions or hesitations, please check out the FAQ section, below.

If you still need help or have any other questions for me, please email me at I strive to answer all emails within 72 hours (it would be sooner but I answer all emails myself).

You mean the world to me and I do this all for you and your baby. Thank you so much....

Frequently Asked Questions

What others have asked before jumping into The 7 MiniCourse Bundle

When do the courses start and finish?

The minicourses start now and never end! They are completely self-paced online courses - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What media do these courses use?

We use video, audio, and written media to deliver the minicourses. You never know what your baby will "allow" you to get done today, so we've got all your various formats covered, and you can use them on any device. We are parents, too! We get it. :)

How long do I have access to the courses?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Are these courses limited to a certain age range?

Although these courses were created for parents who do Elimination Communication (EC) with their babies of ages 0-18 months, many of the tips can also be applied to potty training with children over 18 months.

More specifically, I created all the courses for babies aged 0-18 months, with the exception of Diaper Free at Daycare - that one’s for babies 0-3 years old. A few of these courses can also be used for ages over 18 months old (nighttime, outings, wrapping up) - it really depends on how you’re doing EC with your child and what exactly you need to work on.

For example, if your child is within the 0-18 month range, this whole bundle is perfect for you. If you have a child at 19 months old, a lot of these would still be applicable.

If you have a 2 year old, for example, skip the minicourse bundle and get my Tiny Potty Training Book to do potty training with her/him - EC is not age-appropriate at approximately 20-36+ months (although every child is different!). If you have more questions, contact us here and we’ll help you out.

Do these courses replace your book?

Nope! These courses take a deep-dive into the 7 biggest challenge areas for EC, according to our community of over 10,000 parents and their babies.

My book covers the whole big picture, plus all the interlinked areas of doing EC. Go Diaper Free is multimedia, too, and you get a generous coupon for it when you buy any of my minicourses, including this bundle. I want you to be equipped, so def get the book, too!

What type of device do I need / do I need to be tech-savvy?

Since the MiniCourses are hosted on a website, which is responsive to your screen size, you can simply watch/listen/read on any device (and switch between them - we'll save your place). There are specific walk-throughs of how to best view/hear/download things in each course, and I make it 100% easy to navigate. Tech will not be an issue, and if it is, I'm an email away.

What if I am in desperate need of help?

No worries - each course will give you a solid foundation on which to troubleshoot that aspect of EC. The courses also include support from me on occasion and a dedicated Certified Go Diaper Free Coach (whom I've trained, myself) in the commenting system on every lecture. You will also be able to mingle and support one another in the comments as a community - one of the best features of these courses!

Will the courses cover x, y, or z?

Each course covers one specific area of EC. If what you're seeking is not covered in one of the courses, my book has the answers (again, the book is not meant to be replaced by these courses, but complemented by them). Again, the courses come with a generous coupon for my book, so get yourself equipped to have the best experience possible.

What's up with the bundle deal?

If you think you're going to need at least 4 of the 7 MiniCourses at some point along your EC journey, you should definitely get the bundle of courses now. The 7 bundled MiniCourses are actually the top 7 EC challenges that my audience ranked in a survey I recently gave. If you don't need one now, you are certain to need it later! Buy the bundle above.

I already own 1 or 2 minicourses. Can I upgrade to the bundle at a discounted price?

Absolutely! The easiest way to do this is to look into the Further Resources module in one of your online minicourses that you already own. In that you'll find a lecture called "Upgrade to the 7 MiniCourse Bundle" and a special link to upgrade for just $70. You'll gain access within 15-30 minutes after your purchase from that special link inside your minicourse!

If you're lost after trying that - or desperate to get in! - just fill out the form below and we'll help you out manually. This method will take 2-3 days.

Invalid Email

What is your refund policy?

I want you to be happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 5 calendar days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

Andrea Olson

Andrea Olson

Your Instructor
Andrea Olson, M.A., is a pioneer in helping parents reduce diaper dependence with any age child or baby, from birth through toddlerhood. She has her Master's Degree in Psychology and presently lives in Asheville, NC, with her 6 children, all ECed from birth.
Lori testimonial

"For me, EC was less work and a better solution to dealing with diarrhea for my 4 week old baby. And, it gave me more hope to potty train early. I potty trained my 1st son at 21 months, when I was so tired of doing cloth. So maybe this time, my 2nd son can be potty trained even sooner. Thank you for the very informative videos and the inspiration to try elimination communication. It has really changed my perspective on diapering and helped me understand more of my baby's language."

- Allie

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