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Add-on MiniCourses
for Elimination Communication

Deep dives into the 7 biggest EC challenges
(to complement my book).

PLEASE NOTE: These MiniCourses are add-ons for my popular multimedia book, Go Diaper Free. If you do not yet have the book, please buy it first and then pick-and-choose any of the below courses to complement what the book lays the foundation for. (If you're just starting out, grab the book and the minicourse bundle and you'll never need anything further!)

The Bundle
All 7 EC MiniCourses
(0-18 months+) save 51%

Diaper Free at Daycare MiniCourse
0-3 years and up

Potty Time Master MiniCourse
0-18 months

Nighttime EC 101 MiniCourse
0-18 months and up

EC While Out + About MiniCourse
0-18 months and up

Potty Pause Resolution MiniCourse
0-18 months

Getting EC Back on Track MiniCourse
0-18 months

Wrapping Up EC MiniCourse
0-18 months and up

Do you already have 1 or 2 of these courses and want to upgrade to The Bundle?

No prob! The easiest way to do this is to look into the Further Resources module in one of your online minicourses that you already own. In that you'll find a lecture called "Upgrade to the 7 MiniCourse Bundle" and a special link to upgrade for just $70. You'll gain access within 15-30 minutes after your purchase from that special link inside your minicourse!

If you're lost after trying that - or desperate to get in! - just fill out the form below and we'll help you out manually. This method will take 2-3 days.

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