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Free 7-Day Course

7 Essential Tips
for Mid-stream ECers

Where should I send your course?

What's in this mini-course

Over the course of the next week or two I'll send you 7 bite-sized tips just for parents who've been doing EC for a little or long while and are either:

unsure of when to potty their baby

stuck in a potty pause

lazy ECers but wanting to get back on track

doing fine but don't quite know what to do next

wanting to wrap up EC already, or

just plain curious to learn even more about EC!

As a bonus, I'll send you my popular one-page The 4 Roads to Potty Time handout...and

a fresh, new outlook on helpful EC tips that are perfect for your situation.

If I've described "you" in any of these examples, go ahead and get this free course today.


"We had started EC activities when he was 5 weeks but I didn't find your book until he was a few months old. I got most of my info from random blogs and, as you say, did some 'winging it.' But, as he grew the specific tools and troubleshooting from you helped."

~Shayla, Ireland

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