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Medical Freedom: am I a fan of mandatory vax for adults and children?

Medical Freedom am I a fan of mandatory vax for adults and children

Alright so today I’m going out on a limb and not speaking directly about elimination communication. This is a bonus episode, and it’s one that I hope you’ll listen to in full. Our children’s future is at stake, quite literally. If you’d rather not hear about vaccinations, then feel free to skip this bonus episode. But if it’s on your mind like it’s on mine, this is for us. :)

We personally did delayed vaccinations with our children, at least waiting a full year and even then only selecting the most pure vaccines available, and we did so because the preschools and schools we’ve used prior to this year required it. Had they not required them, I would not have vaccinated any of my children. I felt fine waiting the first year because I fully trusted that my breastmilk provided them with the most protection against disease and illness they could possibly have. That combined with the fact that they weren’t around all that many children made me feel fine about my decision.

And you guys know me: I like to research. And it’s not just Google - relying on Google for your FACTS (which, btw, have you ever googled “potty training?” Exactly my point! You get what Google wants you to get, their advertisers, NOT what is good information for you, like do EC or potty train early!) not the best idea, especially THIS YEAR! Things are almost never what they seem in 2020….

Back in the day, I used Dr Sears’ Vaccine Book early-on to analyze whether I should get a pertussis vaccine while I was pregnant, and whether my newborn should have one, and after looking at the research and considering my intuition, I opted out of both. In fact, in all 5 of my births I also researched and opted out of Vitamin K shots, Pitocin, Epidurals...everything except for the heel prick test for baby (which my 5th baby missed because we did a 100% freebirth (unassisted birth) and didn’t go to the pediatrician for a check-over until 4 days after she was born).

My eldest also has Asperger’s, something I’ve not spoken much about but will at some point - it was diagnosed about 9 months ago - and I’ve often considered whether vaccinating him at 5 years old caused prior symptoms to amplify, or if I passed him that possibility through my or his father’s own vaccinations from our childhoods that we carry through to today. He showed many high-functioning ASD symptoms at around 8 months old, but he definitely got worse when he began kindergarten.

The guilt and questions are real, y’all!

We also as a family have never taken a flu shot and never plan to, as everyone I know who’s had one has gotten sick right after vaccination, and not necessarily with flu-like symptoms.

All that said: I am very wary about vaccines and have always felt wrong about giving them, but felt I had to do it.

Many of you listening today have told me that you are against vaccinations, or at least considering delaying vaccinations until your babies are older. Even if you fully vax from day one, I’m not one to judge! I just hope for an informed choice for all, free from money-mongers.

So, I have something lovely and promising to share with you all today, regardless of your stance on vaccinations, that affects our children, grandchildren, and our own future, our medical freedom to choose.

This episode is something I encourage you to listen to BEFORE Election Day.

Well, two weeks ago I was invited to a live screening of the movie 1986 The Act, directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield who did a Q+A at the viewing. Over 200 of us showed up for the outdoor tent viewing. To say the film is profound is an understatement. It’s really well-made.

You can all watch the first 2 chapters for free at

So what did I do about what I learned?

Let’s just say that Twyla has had one set of vaccinations (at 15 months old) in preparation for preschool (which never happened because I refuse to send my children to an apocalyptic school experience of ANY kind) - and that is the LAST set of vaccinations she will get unless absolutely needed (um, like a tetanus shot or if we’re traveling to a 3rd world country experiencing a current epidemic of something).

None of my children will EVER get another “mandated” vaccination.

This movie changed me - it opened my eyes. When they showed a months-old baby having SEIZURES, I burst into tears. This is not right. How could we possibly continue to put our babies at risk when there are other ways (ways I don’t understand yet fully, but I intuit are out there).

But the most eye-opening thing I learned is that vaccine producers will knowingly send out and “scatter” bad batches of vaccines mixed in with the good, showing explicitly on their ledgers that it’s less expensive to pay a settlement for a vaccine injury - an injury to a child or a baby! - than to properly test and dispose of bad batches.

The movie goes into detail about this, and I highly encourage you to watch at least the first 2 free chapters at

And at the end of the movie they flashed an image of the 2020 Democrats’ presidential candidate, whose campaign is openly funded by the pharmaceutical industry (the Republicans have historically been funded by the oil and automobile industries).

So many questions about who is going to hold Big Pharma liable for the death and injury its negligence has caused in our children over nearly a century, widespread (sneak preview: it ain’t the side with its hand in the honeypot).

The thing is, vaccines are risky, especially for children, and the saying goes “where there’s risk there should be choice” and that’s what this movie is all about.

So let me ask you, dear listener, a question: if the COVID vaccine were made available today, would you take it?

Next, did you know that the current administration plans to distribute it via the military but will make the vaccine OPTIONAL to all adults and children?

USA Today’s fact checkers said “Biden also stated he would consider enforcing COVID-19 vaccines the way the measles vaccine is handled. "You can't come to school until you have a measles shot. You can't," Biden said. He added that he would encourage local and state leaders to implement mandates.”

Mandating it - on a 99.8% survival rate - don’t get me started. Link in show notes to the CDC’s own numbers, and I’ll follow up with another episode on that soon (directly related to how it impacts our babies and children, of course!).

Many states currently prevent children from attending public school, and in North Carolina where I live, homeschool, without proof of vaccination. Californians, you’ve even lost your right to religious exemption.

Who’s to say they won’t prevent adults from entering grocery stores, renewing their Driver's Licenses, voting, boarding an airplane, using public transportation, going to the post office, without proof of vaccination? I mean right now, even in the face of a 99.8% chance of survival, you have to wear a mask to go inside any of these places...the vaccine is very possibly next.
I will let Director Andy Wakefield’s transcribed answer to my question at the live screening speak for itself:

“[Parents] can vote either way, if you want the state to own your children, if you want the government to own your children, to take away all of your rights, if you want to hand over, to essentially the pharmaceutical companies to decide what goes into your children's bodies, what goes into your body, then you'll vote Democrat. If you don't want that, then you'll vote Republican. Put President Trump to one side. Put your personal feelings about him to one side, it is your child that you're focused on. You've got to forget about personalities. You've got to be grown up enough to put all of that to one side and say, "I am responsible for this little guy here. And it is for him that I am going to cast my vote."

And if you get hung up... I mean, it is a one issue vote. It is a one issue election. Because I'll tell you, we face one in two children in this country with autism by 2032, that's based on the CDCs own numbers, extrapolated out by a professor from MIT. One in two children. At that point, it doesn't matter about the economy. There is no economy. There's no foreign policy. There's no standing army or police force. There's nothing. You either have autism or you care for someone with autism, that's it. And so at that point, all other political allegiances and concerns are totally irrelevant. This is why it's so important to act now and to think about it in a different way. Think about it in a different way.”

He went on to say:

“The most important thing of all is the extraordinary power of maternal intuition. This ancient wisdom that I've seen so many times in clinical practice. It's not an emotional issue. It is a survival imperative. It is why we are here on this earth today, a mother's knowledge of when her child is well and ill. What is good for them, what is not good for them. Mothers know. And there has been an effort, a concerted effort by the man in the white coat to say, "I know your child better than you do." No, you do not. And that ancient wisdom is far more important than what medicine has done. What vaccines have done. What antibiotics have ever done. What anything else has done to protect the integrity of the children of this country, of the world.

And so it is time to take that back, both individually and collectively. To defer back to that inner authority and not to that external authority standing behind the podium. Tony Fauci, in the White House, telling you about how you should run your life. Bill Gates, telling the world simply by virtue of his wealth, how people should conduct themselves and their health policy. It's unacceptable. And so my single most important message for you is to realize that inner strength, that inner knowledge, that inner wisdom. And for husbands who do not have it to the same degree, to acknowledge the existence, the importance, of that wisdom in the mothers of their children. Thank you very much.”

And a final note. If you google Dr. Wakefield you will find a ton of curated content that is meant to discredit him (similar to other films of note from this interesting year), just like the scientific community has been working so hard for decades to discredit the link between vaccine injury and autism. Like I said in the beginning of today’s show, instead of relying on Google for your FACTS (which, btw, have you ever googled “potty training?” Exactly my point! You get what Google wants you to get, their advertisers, NOT what is good information for you, like do EC or potty train early!) this movie today.

I don’t have a question for you all in the comments because this is so controversial I don’t want to start a major internet battleground, and there are plenty of other places to debate this issue. For now, no questions, just an invitation to watch the movie, today, after the babies are in bed and the house is finally quiet.

Sending love, Andrea

PS - here’s the video version of this episode in case you prefer to YouTube it. ;)

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