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Á. E. Swantje Sutherland

Certified Coach | Serving Mahone Bay, NS, Canada

A. E. Swantje Sutherland - Certified Coach

About Me

I grew up in the beautiful Taunus region of Hesse, Germany. After studying German language and literature at university for a few years, I decided to do do a Voluntary Ecological Year in Lübeck by the Baltic Sea, after which I studied Communication Design in that beautiful and inspiring old town. Once graduated, I relocated to B.C., Canada, where I lived for two years before moving to Nova Scotia with my Canadian husband just before our first daughter was born.

Guided by Andrea's first book, EC Simplified, we embarked on our EC journey with our 6 week old baby, and we never looked back.
We are currently ECing our third baby, who is very much benefitting from all we've learned along the way.

Inspired by Andrea's enthusiasm, I wanted to help other parents tap into their own wisdom and intuition regarding infant pottying, so when Andrea began offering a training program for EC consultants, I jumped at the opportunity.

In my consulting practice, I would like to provide new parents who want to get away from total reliance on modern diapers with help and guidance on their own journeys together with their small children.

Serving Mahone Bay and area - Lunenburg County, NS.

Click here for Lunenburg County’s local Facebook Group.

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