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Sharon Peterson

Certified Coach | Serving the Greater Nashua Area of New Hampshire, USA


About Me

I am a mother to one very energetic 2 year old little boy, and a soon to be mama to a little girl this coming July (2015). I first learned about EC while researching how to potty train my son when he was about six months old. I read Andrea Olson's "Go Diaper Free" book and gave it a try. I was immediately hooked and in awe of my son's natural instincts not to soil himself. He seemed to be happier also and actually proud of himself.

I am excited to share the magic of EC and Early Potty Learning with those who are willing to give it a chance like I did. There will be challenges, but also great rewards. Join me, I'd love to share my experiences with you and troubleshoot with you regarding your own EC or potty learning practices.

Serving the Greater Nashua Area of New Hampshire.

Visit Sharon's local Go Diaper Free Facebook Group here.

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