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Ruthann Drummond, MES

Certified Coach | Serving Toronto, Canada

Ruthann Arletta Drummond

About Me

Ruthann is a mother of two amazing boys and has practiced Elimination Communication (EC) with both from birth. With a diverse background which includes a Masters in Environmental Studies and training in Humane Education and Holistic Health, Ruthann was drawn to EC as an ideal way to benefit her family, her community, and the environment. The method has had profound impacts on the level of connection she shares with her boys, has contributed to their health and wellbeing, and has drastically cut down on her family’s consumption – the perfect melding of her values in her parenting practices!

Ruthann is passionate about EC, and about helping children of any age get out of diapers and feel empowered by their toileting abilities through non-coercive potty training. She is particularly sensitive to the many conflicting pressures felt by urban parents and loves to help families meet their goals within their own unique realities. Ruthann is excited to share her skills, knowledge, and experiences with her community, to help to grow EC as a common practice, and to empower families to feel comfortable and confident beginning potty training earlier. She welcomes you to reach out with any questions about EC or potty training at any age and looks forward to assisting your family on this important journey.

Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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My experiences with Elimination Communication

I learned about EC around 5 years before I became pregnant with my first child. I happened upon an article on EC while researching diaper consumption out of personal interest, and was hooked instantly. Everything about it made sense to me - greater communication with our children; helping children to meet their hygiene needs early on and not perpetuating a long-term habit of diapers throughout toddlerhood; cutting down waste and environmental damage; coming to toilet independence without reward systems or coercive methods. I knew EC was what I wanted to do if I ever had children of my own. From that point forward, every so often I would take some time to learn more about EC. By the time my first son was born, I had a good understanding of where to start, and we began our amazing EC journey just days after he was born!

EC appeals to my deepest values, and I truly believe that it can help many families live a more connected, gentler, more healthful and more environmentally-friendly life. I am passionate about connection-based parenting practices and about the environment, and EC is the perfect melding of these things. Teaching EC means bringing two of my passions together while helping families in the process - what could be better?!

With my first, legwarmers and t-shirts were my number one favourite thing. As an overwhelmed first-time parent, it can be hard to take the leap into EC, because it's one more thing to learn and have to think about. Legwarmers and t-shirts allowed me to "dress for success," because my son's legs were kept warm, but I didn't have to contend with onsie snaps, sleeper zippers or pulling pants on and off every time I helped him to pee or poo. It made things easy and quick, which was exactly what I needed.

There is no single book I can point to as the "most" inspiring. I am addicted to reading and researching, and am inspired by books that are informed by parenting through connection (i.e. Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers, by Faith Collins; Hold On to Your Kids, by Gordon Neufeld); deeper, age-appropriate communication (i.e. How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen, by Joanna Faber and Julie King); mindfulness and emotional literacy (i.e. The Awakened Family, by Shefali Tsabary; Self-Reg, by Stuart Shanker), positive discipline (i.e. Discipline Without Damage, by Vanessa Lapointe; No Bad Kids, by Janet Lansbury), fostering a love of the natural world (i.e. Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv; i love dirt, by Jennifer Ward; Above All, Be Kind, by Zoe Weil) and a sense of play (i.e. Playful Parenting, by Lawrence J. Cohen). And there are so many more!

I always tell people who are thinking of starting that EC doesn't have to be one of those overwhelming things in new parenthood. It can be lighthearted and casual, and you and your baby will still receive so many benefits from the process! In fact, I find that the little successes EC brings can boost early confidence and help parents to bond with their babies. I let them know that EC doesn't mean extreme stereotypes like having your baby naked all the time and things getting messy, or that you're rushing to the potty every 5 minutes, but that it's actually a realistic and rewarding process to undertake for most families.

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