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Robin Kinney, MSW

Certified Coach | Serving Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Robin Kinney - Certified Coach

About Me

Hello! I’m Robin. I’m a Michigan native who spent her early adulthood in Northern California and is now back in the mid-west (as of mid-2014, moved to Madison July 2015). As a certified coach, I want to spread the knowledge of Elimination Communication and Early Potty Training to my new community. I’m looking forward to working with families in Madison, WI and surrounding communities through classes, free support groups, and private consultations.

I have worked with families for my whole career, as a school teacher and social worker, and now with my own son. Some of my favorite moments in my work have been when my students or clients have mastered new skills and are excited and proud of their accomplishments. Most recently it has been my son who at 24 months old regularly proclaims, “I’ve peed! In the potty!”

As a new/first time parent I too get overwhelmed and confused by the numerous and often contradicting opinions and parenting philosophies out there. I’m in the trenches with you! From my personal experience and from watching some of my most trusted friends who have journeyed ahead of me with their kids, I know that elimination communication and early potty training work. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Serving Madison, WI and surrounding communities.

Please contact me for prices and availability for private consultations and in-home small group classes or visit my website for more information.


My experiences with Elimination Communication

I first learned about EC when I was 7 months pregnant with my first son. I witnessed a friend potty her 8-month-old baby during a diaper change and thought it was super awesome that babies could learn to pee when prompted or could communicate their potty needs to their care provider. Some initial research about EC led me to Andrea’s books and I immediately started trying it out. I’m currently on baby #2!

I love teaching EC and early Potty Training. I love that I am educating parents and care providers to include the potty as part of their caregiving routines and daily rhythm, and by doing so, honoring their baby’s ability and desire to stay clean while reducing their environmental impact. I also love that EC and early PT is an act of resistance to the greedy diaper industry that continues to perpetuate the “readiness myth.” In my classes, I am reconnecting parents to the ways our ancestors used to take care of our children’s potty needs in our modern way of life.

My favorite EC and PT gear includes tiny potty chairs, the potette plus, puppy pads, and baby leg warmers.

My parenting philosophy and practice has been most influenced by Janet Lansbury, Positive Discipline, Alfie Kohn, and Hand In Hand Parenting by Connection.

Approach the practice with curiosity and low stress. Just like everything else with taking care of a baby, there is a lot to learn and do, and the baby is always changing and growing, so it is impossible to be perfect. Instead, we can be curious: What if I offer the potty at this time? What if I hold my child in this position? What if this signal or sound that the baby is making means potty?

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