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Nechama Wachsman

Certified Coach | Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, USA

Nechama P Wachsman

About Me

Nechama has been interested in alternative practices for health, wellness, and child rearing as long as she can remember. When she learned about Elimination Communication, she knew it was just right for her. Putting it into practice over the last five years with her own children proved to be a challenging yet satisfying experience, and she is excited to share her experience with others and support new ECer's in their journey. Nechama is also a certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts facilitator, is trained in energy healing and enjoys helping people hone into their own intuition to figure out what's best for them.

Serving the Tri-State area.


My experiences with Elimination Communication

When my baby was five weeks old. I thought it was awesome and it resonated with me, it just felt “right”. I thought about starting with my five weeks old, but someone said: “you’re crazy”. I continued learning and researching and started when she was 9 months.

To share with other people this amazing tool; to spread this awareness and way to respect babies in regards to their elimination!

Hmmm, right now we would not survive without the toilet seat reducer... but in the past, I’ve LOVED leg warmers. And come on, tiny underwear is just too cute.

Lots of books have taught me lots of amazing stuff about parenting. But empowerment had to come from within- mainly accepting myself when I “failed” and realizing I don’t have to listen to any of them!!

ENJOY the process! It’s not about finishing. Also, know why you are choosing it and why you value EC... it keeps you going when you get frustrated.

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