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Monet Combs - Go Diaper Free
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Monet Combs

Certified Coach | Serving San Diego, California, USA

Monet Combs - Certified Coach

About Me

I am a mom and a birth doula, born and raised in San Diego. I discovered EC when my daughter was 5 months old, not knowing if it would work and what to expect. I soon realized that EC is an amazing way to connect with my daughter and to make my life easier, too! I've been helping other parents start their own EC and EC-informed potty learning journeys ever since. I offer labor support and natural parenting education through my company, Mama Magic Birth Services ( When I am not chasing my toddler or at a birth, I can be seen performing around town as a professional singer.

Serving San Diego County and the surrounding areas.


My experiences with Elimination Communication

When did you first learn about EC? What did you think? What did you do about it?

I first heard about EC shortly after I had my daughter, but I didn't understand the point. I thought that babies who are EC'd never wear diapers, and it didn't make any sense. When I learned that most parents do EC part time, it clicked for me and I was excited to try it out with her. This was right when she was starting solids, so I was over poopy diapers ;-) Once she had her first "catch," I was sold!

What does it mean for you to teach EC?

I love that I get to help parents become less reliant on diapers. They are expensive (and labor intensive, if you do cloth) and can be a real financial burden, not to mention the waste. Even if you use one less diaper a day because of EC, that adds up over time! I also love that it helps toddlers make the transition to potty training smoother and sooner.

What is your favorite piece of EC gear or clothing?

Tiny Trainers. They are perfect for diaper free time when at home.

What book has inspired you the most on the path to becoming a more empowered mother?

The Tiny Potty Training Book. It gave me the confidence to transition my daughter from EC to potty training without going back to diapers. It inspired me to not give up even when it was really tough, and the reward has been amazing. I potty trained my independent, head-strong daughter at 17 months, and she has been thriving!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of trying EC for the first time?

Have an open mind, and don't put too much pressure on yourself or your little one. Have fun with it - your baby will amaze you :)

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