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Melissa Lund Ziegler

Certified Coach | Cincinnati, OH, USA

Melissa Lund Ziegler

About Me

Mom of 2, Melissa is passionate about all things birth and parenting. Her kids have both been
EC’ed from an early age (4 months and 2 months, respectively) and her daughter was diaper
free at 16 months. In addition to coaching, Melissa works as a Labor Doula and is working
towards Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator certifications.
Melissa is also: Associate Director of Music for the Sake of Music, a classical music festival in
Green Bay, Wisconsin; Violist with the Lafayette (Indiana) Symphony Orchestra; and Social
Media Coordinator for Rees Harps, Inc., a harp-lutherie based in Rising Sun, Indiana.


My experiences with Elimination Communication

I first learned about EC when my daughter was 3 months old. Up until that point, everything we had done as parents had been completely focused around the needs of our new baby. But using diapers seemed the opposite. That is when my husband found an article about EC (probably an interview that Andrea did, but I honestly can’t remember.) It made so much sense and seemed to align philosophically with everything that we were already doing. At first, it was frustrating and confusing, but I am so glad that we continued with it!

Teaching EC means working with families to best serve the needs of their family. It means providing a service to help families and caregivers become more comfortable and confident with understanding the needs of their baby.

Leg warmers!! So cute and convenient.

Not a book, but a few podcasts: “A. Swift Moment” and “Your Parenting Mojo”

Give yourself grace and know that misses are inevitable and part of the learning process. Start small if it seems intimidating - perhaps offering the potty only upon waking or at all diaper changes. “Success” with EC is not defined by how many catches or misses occur - as long as you are doing your best with the means that you have to communicate with your baby about his elimination needs, then you are successfully implementing EC.

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