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Maja Kresotova

Certified Coach | Serving Croatia and Surrounding Areas

Maja Kresotova - Certified Coach

About Me

After months of making it very clear that she does not to intend to soil her diapers with poo, I finally got the message when my daughter was 6 months old. My initial shock and disbelief turned into curiosity and thirst for knowledge, which has since grown into a passion for teaching parents how to navigate Elimination Communication - this incredibly simple, yet to us Westerners, so foreign, alternative to full time diapering.

Now, I am a Go Diaper Free Coach in training, helping parents and their children (regardless of their age) become diaper independent either by practicing EC or through gentle potty training (making the world a greener place in the process).

Serving Croatia and surrounding areas. Visit my Facebook Group here.


My experiences with Elimination Communication

I hear about it while I was pregnant and though it was interesting but impractical.. then I tried it when baby was around 20 days old to help with cramps and it worked, but I still though it was not for me. Then baby switched to solids and needed help with the very first solid food bowl movement - EC hold helped there - and baby loved it so much we never looked back or cleaned a poopy diaper again :).

It's something I do in my free time because it fosters communication between baby and carer, empowers baby and reduces the carbon-footprint on the environment.

Woolen pants over a cloth diaper - perfect for winter outdoors when you are not quite ready to leave the house diaper free.

The Continuum Concept.

It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds and it's much more practical and faster than a diaper change. There are different ways you can practice EC and it doesn't have to be full time and completely diaper free from the start - it's perfectly OK to chose EC dynamic that fits your lifestyle best.. Just take it easy and relaxed, without goals, and see where it leads you. :)

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