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Kerstin Kirchsteiger, Ph.D.

Certified Coach | Serving San Diego, California, USA


About Me

Originally from Salzburg (Austria), home of the rolling hills of “Sound of Music”, my main profession brought me to San Diego, CA. I am a scientist (Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology) by training and a mum to a toddler (03/2013).

I first heard of Elimination Communication (EC) when pregnant on a podcast and, since I had never been fond of the idea to change diapers, I looked into it a little more. That’s when I came across Andrea’s book (EC simplified). She made it look so easy, that I had to give it a try. So glad I did!

For me EC is part of the caretaking for a baby, like feeding is. I can’t help but cringe at the sight of a 2-3 year old in diapers. I have been heavily involved in some FB groups about EC and enjoyed reading about the ups and downs parents would encounter on their journey to a diaper free baby. I enjoyed to help others with suggestions and hope to be able to do so in person in EC seminars and support groups.

Now my mission is to spread the word about EC. Raise awareness about its feasibility even if you are a working parent. I would love to reach out to economically challenged (underserved) communities, as it could make a huge impact on their lives.

I offer classes in English, Spanish, and German.

Serving the San Diego area.

Visit the regional Go Diaper Free of San Diego Facebook Group here.

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