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Kate Falk

Certified Coach | Serving Serving Jackson, Wyoming and Surrounding Areas.

Kate Falk - Certified Coach

About Me

I am a mother and educator who has used Elimination Communication with my two sons. I was thrilled to have an alternative to full-time diapering. The process was different with both of my sons, partly because with my second son, I was more experienced and taking the Certified Coach program. Elimination Communication is accommodating. There is a way to incorporate it into every family structure.

In addition to Go Diaper Free coaching, I am a certified Reading Specialist who works in private practice, mostly with children with reading disabilities.

I enjoy traveling, climbing, cooking and recreating in nature with my kids. I have lived between Jackson, Wyoming and southwestern Colorado for the past 6 years and am happy to be settling full-time in Jackson.

Serving Jackson, Wyoming and surrounding areas.

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My experiences with Elimination Communication

Seven years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son Anders, a friend told me about Elimination Communication.  She showed me how her six-month old son peed over the toilet when she made the “pssss” sound. I was intrigued and decided then and there that I was going to do EC with Anders from birth. Unfortunately, my high psych level did not translate into success. Sure I read a few articles about Elimination Communication before Anders’ birth, but I was neither knowledgeable or prepared when he arrived.  Managing a newborn was overwhelming, and I decided to put off starting EC until the summer. I found the Go Diaper Free book, read it from cover to cover and had the information (and community) to start EC with confidence. We started EC with Anders at four months… and the rest is history. Knowledgeable about EC and much-more confident as parents the second go-around, we started Elimination Communication with Donovan at birth.

  1. I feel really passionate about helping families on their journey to potty independence.  I teach both EC and potty training. I feel honored to share my experiences and training with families and to offer them the support they need to knowledgeably and confidently start EC or potty training.  I'm an advocate of EC because the process offers so many benefits to the baby and parents: increasing communication and trust, reducing environmental impact, saving money, honoring baby's hygienic needs, eliminating diaper rash, etc.


I'm growing more and more excited to work with families who are potty training.  Potty training your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give him/her, yet so many parents dread (and consequently postpone) the process.  Parents feel so relieved to have an easy-to-follow Potty Training Plan. Once parents understand the Plan and have the permission and confidence to start parent-led potty training, their perspective shifts and they WANT to start potty training, right away.  It's rewarding to coach families through the process of potty training, especially when they see how potty independence translates into a child's self-worth.


I feel strongly that our Western culture of convenience needs a readjustment.  Throwing 20 billion diapers a year in the landfill (in America alone) is unacceptable.  EC and informed potty training (that debunks waiting until the child shows readiness or interest) both offer families a way to dramatically reduce diaper consumption.

Can I have 2?  I love the top hat potty AND leggings.  I didn't use the top hat potty until I had my second son, Donovan.  He peed and pooped just about every time I nursed him, so I would place the top hat potty between my legs and set Donovan on top of the potty to nurse.  So convenient. I love leggings because we live in a cold place and the leggings, in lieu of pants, keep babies warm. Additionally, the leggings allow you to potty your child by simply removing the diaper.  No pants to remove or put back on. Anything that makes offering pottytunities easier is worth purchasing.

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin.  I love its message (and photos) that pregnancy and labor are natural (and empowering) and not something to be feared.

Go for it!  Eventually, you will have to potty train your child, right?  Elimination Communication and potty training aren’t that different, in theory.  With either approach, you’re teaching your baby/child how to pee and poop in the toilet and that eliminating in the toilet is hygienic.  Naturally, this improves communication between the parent and child and increases the child’s self-worth.


With EC, you as a caregiver are going to be doing a lot more of the work - noticing your baby’s signals, cueing, transporting to the potty, cleaning up.  But the cool thing is that you’re teaching him from the get-go (or shortly after) that waste goes in the potty. You’re establishing your family’s culture around pottying and that elimination outside of the diaper is the norm.  


The benefits of EC are so numerous that it's hard to come up with a legitimate why to say no to EC.  If you do EC, your child will likely achieve daytime dryness between 10-18 months. In contrast, the average potty training start age in the U.S. is nearing 36 months.  EC offers you the opportunity to reduce your reliance upon (and consumption of) diapers from birth. Sound pretty nice, right?
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