Heidi Avelino

Certified Coach | Serving Oahu, Hawaii

Heidi Avelino - Certified Coach

About Me

Aloha! I am a Go Diaper Free Certified Coach serving the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. When we are not traveling the world, I live with my husband and our toddler son in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

Go Diaper Free of Oahu

I started practicing elimination communication (EC) with my son when he was one-month-old. I did not know anyone else doing EC, so I found support in online groups. I eventually formed a local support group for families interested in trying EC (for babies 0-18M old) or non-coercive potty training (for toddlers 18M+). If you live on Oahu, you are welcome to attend our free monthly meetings, where you can ask questions and share advice. For more information, please join our Facebook group Go Diaper Free of Oahu. You can also join our Go Diaper Free of Oahu mailing list, to hear about upcoming events.

Elimination Communication and Potty Training Books

Two of the most helpful resources on our potty learning journey were Andrea Olson's books "Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication" and "The Tiny Potty Training Book: A Simple Guide for Non-Coercive Potty Training." I highly recommend these how-to books.

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EC Peesy Blog

Heidi shares helpful tips for practicing elimination communication and early potty training on the EC Peesy Blog.
Wishing you the best on your child's potty learning journey!

-Heidi Avelino