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Carrie Bezler

Certified Coach | Serving Black Forest and surrounding areas in Schwarzwald, Germany


About Me

Carrie is a mom of two children aged 2 years (EC'd from 8 weeks old) and 4 months (EC'd from birth). Having traveled over different parts of the globe and seen different ways of life, she has now dedicated her free time to helping families find an alternative to full-time diapering as a certified Go Diaper Free Coach. "Born Ready" is founded on the principle that babies are born with the instinct not to soil themselves. "Born Ready" can help get you started with EC, answer questions or concerns you may have along your EC journey, and get you started with early potty training. Offering you an alternative to full-time diapering and reducing your babies diaper waste is her primary goal. Reducing our carbon footprint can be "EC."

Serving Germany, Black Forest and surrounding areas, Schwarzwald.


My experiences with Elimination Communication

I first learned about EC during my first pregnancy researching diaper options and I was admittedly skeptical.  After my son was about 3 months old, I realized that he would pee when I changed his diaper, so I half-heartedly thought I would give it a try after reading up on it a bit more.  After the first few catches, I was hooked and it became our new way of life!

I love helping out new parents with EC.  I know I had a lot of questions when I was first starting out, so after raising two kids with EC I am very excited to get new parents off to the right start with EC and help dispel some of the myths that are out there about potty training and infant pottying. 

My absolute favorite piece of EC gear is split crotch pants made from old sweaters.  They were super soft and warm and so easy to change.  I used them with pre-fold diapers as a diaper belt and it really saved me.  My kids were warm and it was super easy to potty them and change them if we had a miss.

Only one book?  Hmmm.  How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish... has to be one of my favorites.  It addresses communication mostly between parents and toddlers and older children, but the principles can also be applied to younger kids.  It has saved me a million times over and my kids are still under 5!

I would tell them to keep it simple in the beginning and try to keep their humility and patience.  If things seem overwhelming they can always take a step back, remembering that they are giving their a kids a very special gift of communicating about a basic need that will make the bond they share stronger and even more special.  

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