Carrie Bezler

Certified Coach | Serving Black Forest and surrounding areas in Schwarzwald, Germany


About Me

Carrie is a mom of two children aged 2 years (EC'd from 8 weeks old) and 4 months (EC'd from birth). Having traveled over different parts of the globe and seen different ways of life, she has now dedicated her free time to helping families find an alternative to full-time diapering as a certified Go Diaper Free Coach. "Born Ready" is founded on the principle that babies are born with the instinct not to soil themselves. "Born Ready" can help get you started with EC, answer questions or concerns you may have along your EC journey, and get you started with early potty training. Offering you an alternative to full-time diapering and reducing your babies diaper waste is her primary goal. Reducing our carbon footprint can be "EC."

Serving Germany, Black Forest and surrounding areas, Schwarzwald.