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Anna Werneke

Certified Coach | Serving Magdeburg, Germany

Anna Werneke - Certified Coach

About Me

Hello, I am Anna, mother of a little boy who was born in Spring 2016. We have been practicing EC with him since he’s 4 months old.

I find it very exciting that it is possible to communicate with your child at this early age in a way that makes such a difference for those small human beings.

I would have loved to mingle with other parents who also practice EC, but there was no opportunity for this in Magdeburg. So I took things into my own hands and certified as GDF-Coach. I wish to provide you with all the information you need to find the best (non- ?)diapering-solution for you and your family.

Hallo, ich bin Anna, Mutter eines kleinen Sohnes, der im Frühjahr 2016 geboren wurde.Mit windelfrei haben wir angefangen, als unser Sohn vier Monate alt war. Ich finde es sehr spannend, dass es möglich ist, schon in den ersten Lebensmonaten mit seinem Kind so zu kommunizieren, dass Pipi und Kacka nicht (immer) in der Windel landen.

Gerne hätte ich mich darüber auch mit anderen windelfrei-Eltern ausgetauscht. Da es jedoch in Magdeburg bislang niemanden gab, der das angeboten hat, habe ich selbst eine Ausbildung als windelfrei-Coach begonnen, die ich nun abgeschlossen habe.

Ich glaube, dass viele Eltern gar nicht wissen, welche Alternativen es zum konventionellen Wickeln mit Wegwerfwindeln gibt. Ich möchte dir die Informationen liefern, die du brauchst um selbst zu entscheiden, welche Variante für dich und deine Familie am besten ist.

Serving Magdeburg and surrounding areas; Darmstadt+ Hanau and surrounding areas on demand (I am often in those areas, visiting friends and family)


My experiences with Elimination Communication

I learned about EC during my research for cloth diapers. I was astonished and curious! How did those parents do this? But first I had other things on my mind (our little baby boy, cloth diapering) and only came back to the topic when my son was some months old. Then my husband and I went to an EC-workshop and started the same night.

I am happy to offer my knowledge to parents who want to learn more about this alternative way of diapering their child (if at all). And I am happy every time I realize that there is a growing number of parents who are into this thing.?

I liked my cloth diapers pretty much. For clothing, I couldn’t have done without Babylegs. My favorite ones are made of wool (so good for cold weather!) by a German brand.

For an actual book, I would have to name Andrea’s „Go Diaper Free“. But in general, I read far more blogs than books that inspire me in shaping the picture of the mother I try to be (all German, though).

Don’t be afraid! Just try it.? And stick tot he generic timing first. Once you realize that it actually works you can figure out how far you want to go on this fascinating discovery.

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