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Why become a Coach?

If you're reading this, odds are you are a great fit for the certified coaching program. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  • You know EC

    …because you’ve done it! Whether for 3 months (our minimum requirement) or 3 years over 3 children, you have hands-on experience doing EC with your baby(ies).

  • You love the Earth

    If you’re into infant pottying and believe in the concept of getting kids out of diapers sooner (especially disposables)…you clearly love our Earth.

  • You've already been telling others

    No doubt people have looked at you cock-eyed and said, “What are you doing with your baby? Is she using the potty already?”…and that has led you down the exciting path of sharing something eye-opening and paradigm-shifting with someone you love (or just met!). You’ve already been “teaching” other parents about EC, on purpose or not!

  • You want to do meaningful work

    Who doesn’t? If you feel like you’ve been losing yourself in this mother/fathering journey, and want to do meaningful work, this could be the perfect ticket to a more balanced life. Changing lives by changing their relationship with diapers is just that.

Robin Kinney - Certified Coach

I loved being a part of a learning community, gathering weekly to listen to a lecture that was prepared carefully, ask questions during the live Q&A, and process the information with a very thorough workbook. I looked forward to our class every week and imagining how I would share this information with other families in the future. I see my work as a GDF Coach as a way to continue my careers as Teacher and Social Worker. I've held 3 free support groups and taught 4 classes for free and 3 for money (and I have more classes scheduled for the fall).

Robin K.

Kate Artibee

The program was very comprehensive, and was very well organized. Each class was informative and fun. Andrea is a wonderful lecturer/course leader! This Program will add to your skills and help with your career if you work with families or to your life if you have littles.

Kate A.

Jennifer Cutright

The GDF Coach Training Program gave me better insight into EC in general, which is great because it's helping me with my current baby! I have always wanted to spread the word about EC, and this program gave me an actual certification to do so! I feel much more confident in sharing with others when I can claim my credentials. Like other 'work-at-home' moms, I can work on my own time and schedule. No brainer!

Jen C.

Jessica Bentson

I highly recommend this certification course. It is one of the best investments I have ever made. I loved Part 3 the most. It was jam packed with good business practices and business advice that I would never have thought up of on my own. I loved that I could listen to the classes on my phone while I took my son for a walk. That made me feel so understood as a mother that the course was set up that way. I could listen on my own time.

Jessica B.

Carissa Greene

I loved how Andrea was there for her students every step of the way. Communication between her and the students was easy and fast. The classes taught topics that I never thought about. It got me thinking in a practical way and with Andrea's help put everything I learned into an action plan.

Carissa C.


Since 2013, I've helped 100s of parents bring EC to their neck of the woods through my Coach Certification process...and I can tell you that most ECers would share more about the practice if they only had some credibility, know-how, and confidence.It's been an incredible journey to witness so many passionate individuals become empowered to spread the word about diaper-free baby care, transforming lives one family at a time.

You're here because you feel that call to make a difference and are eager to join this growing movement, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your interest in becoming a certified Go Diaper Free Coach. The world needs more dedicated souls like you, ready to guide, support, and educate parents on this beautiful path of early childhood potty training.

We're currently gearing up for our next cohort and would love for you to be part of this transformative experience. Join our waitlist today to be updated on enrollment dates, and program details when they are released.

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