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How to Make Money (and change the world) Telling Others About EC: My 3-step Method

Discover my simple method (and my very special secrets) to bring EC to your town, make money, and gosh-darnit, change the world...doing what you're already doing, anyway.

In This Masterclass


  • 1

    the top 6 mistakes people make when telling others about EC

I have personally made these mistakes, and you may or may not know you're making them, too. We'll quickly cover what NOT to do when telling others about EC.

  • 2

    the 3 biggest fears people have about bringing EC to their town

You are not alone in having some trepidation about putting yourself out there on this particular topic. What if...? Times three.

  • 3

    my 3-step method for building an outstanding EC coaching practice

Hosting a free EC playgroup is just the beginning. I will share 3 essential aspects to an EC coaching practice that you can easily learn to master

  • 4

    my secret trio of skills

On top of the basic building blocks of a solid EC coaching practice, my trio can be learned by anyone, anytime, to create well-rounded, sustainable coaching success as a stay-at-home-mom or -dad.

  • 5

    how to tell others about EC (without seeming crazy)

No more second-guessing. Exact phrases you can use, today, to tell others about EC...whether you want to be a coach or not.

"Andrea has a great voice and makes you feel that any question is a good question. The biggest thing I got was the business component, to take what you know and use those skills to meet other like minded people or earn some dough!”

Kacie Merkel - Certified Coach

Kacie Merkel

GDF Certified Coach

now is the time

It is an absolute MUST-ATTEND if you dream of:

  • no longer being the only person you know who does EC with their baby,

  • finding a way to talk to others about the joys of EC without coming across as a crazy person,
  • (optional, of course) doing work you love, from home, baby en tow, that has meaning and purpose...that effectively changes the world.

A Note From The Instructor...

I've stumbled and fumbled while trying to speak about EC in a way that would get others to act, to wake up!, to make change.

Over my first few months of being a new mama, I felt lonely, rejected, and misunderstood for revealing that I did EC with my baby. But I was so passionate about it, I persisted...and I learned how to talk about EC so people would listen.

I've made this new master class as INSPIRATIONAL as possible so that you can start bringing EC to your town sooner than you might think.


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