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Counting catches and misses: What I really think about keeping score

By Andrea Olson | July 2, 2019
Counting catches and misses

Should you keep track of every single catch and miss throughout your day? We’re going to talk about that with today’s topic: catches and misses. I recently saw an image…

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The purpose of a diaper: My thoughts on why diapers are misunderstood.

By Andrea Olson | June 25, 2019
The purpose of a diaper

Today we’re going to talk about diapers, or more specifically: the purpose of a diaper. “Well, isn’t the purpose of a diaper quite obvious, Andrea?” Well, I actually have a…

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Teaching baby to signal: If your baby doesn’t signal, you can teach them how!

By Andrea Olson | June 18, 2019
Teaching baby to signal

You may have been wondering how to teach your baby to signal. Pottying your baby is a whole lot easier when they can tell you that they need to go…but…

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The re-set: When you’re at your wit’s end…time to do a re-set! Here’s how.

By Andrea Olson | June 11, 2019
The re-set

What should you do when EC feels overwhelming, or you’re feeling unsuccessful, and you just need a break from it all. Or, what I like to call: The Re-set. Maybe…

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Starting solids (and how it affects elimination communication): How adding solid food to the mix affects elimination communication

By Andrea Olson | June 4, 2019
Starting solids (and how it affects elimination communication)

Today we’re going to talk about a fun topic: what to expect when starting solid foods with an EC’d baby! Are you considering starting solid foods with your baby? Or…

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Potty Training after Elimination Communication (does it make you a failure?)

By Ariane Blais-Lacombe | June 1, 2019
diaper free toddler in leg warmers

This is a guest post from Ariane Blais-Lacombe, our certified coach in Chicago/Quebec. Enjoy her very wonderful and unique journey where she combines elimination communication with potty training in a…

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How do you potty train a baby?: How I answered a group of 3rd graders at my son’s school career day.

By Andrea Olson | May 28, 2019

Today we’re going to answer the BIG new thing on everyone’s mind: How DO you potty train a baby? Sort of a big question, right? Although I’ve spent yeeeaaaarrrrrs breaking…

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Why newborns cry while peeing: This common phenomenon can unnerve any new parent!

By Andrea Olson | May 21, 2019

So today let’s talk about why babies cry while peeing. You hold your newborn baby over the potty, as carefully and calmly as you’ve been taught…and then your baby begins…

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Why babies resist the potty: Potty resistance and what to do.

By Andrea Olson | May 14, 2019

Today let’s explore why babies resist the potty and what you can do about it. When your baby resists the potty while doing elimination communication, it can be a frustrating…

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When to move from diapers to undies: The biggest question answered…when do I make the ultimate switch?

By Andrea Olson | May 7, 2019

You may be wondering  (along with 25 other people who email me every day with the same question): when should you transition from diapers to undies? Of course it’s a popular…

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