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A day in the life: ECing a mobile baby – What it looks like in our home

By Andrea Olson | August 13, 2019

Today we’re going to stroll through a day of doing Elimination Communication with a mobile baby. Is your baby starting to pull up, rock on all fours, or show other…

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A day in the life: ECing a newborn – What it looks like in our home

By Andrea Olson | August 6, 2019

Let’s walk through a day of doing Elimination Communication with a newborn baby. Maybe you are pregnant and are considering elimination communication, but just can’t picture what your routine might…

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The Ultimate Guide to EC Back-ups: When to use which undergarments during elimination communication

By Andrea Olson | July 30, 2019
baby pulling up to stand in tinyups

This post was originally posted on April 13, 2018, and has been fully updated on July 30, 2019 to include an audio (Podcast) version, a video (YouTube) version, and to…

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The baby care cycle: One rhythm that could work for you

By Andrea Olson | July 23, 2019

Hiya. Today we’re going to talk about The Baby Care Cycle, or rather – what to do, in which order, with a new baby. When your new baby gets fussy,…

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How to play with a baby: Or, what in the world to DO with that sweet little cherub

By Andrea Olson | July 16, 2019

Congratulations! Your baby is here! (Now what?) Today we’re going to talk about how to PLAY with your baby.  The meal trains have ended. The relatives have left. Other than…

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The unassisted waterbirth of our 5th baby: Full Birth Story

By Andrea Olson | July 9, 2019
my unassisted birth waterbirth andrea olson

This blog post was previously published in Dec 4, 2018. It has been updated to include the audio and video versions. Listen to the Podcast Watch the Video Version If…

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Counting catches and misses: What I really think about keeping score

By Andrea Olson | July 2, 2019

Should you keep track of every single catch and miss throughout your day? We’re going to talk about that with today’s topic: catches and misses. I recently saw an image…

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The purpose of a diaper: My thoughts on why diapers are misunderstood.

By Andrea Olson | June 25, 2019

Today we’re going to talk about diapers, or more specifically: the purpose of a diaper. “Well, isn’t the purpose of a diaper quite obvious, Andrea?” Well, I actually have a…

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Teaching baby to signal: If your baby doesn’t signal, you can teach them how!

By Andrea Olson | June 18, 2019

You may have been wondering how to teach your baby to signal. Pottying your baby is a whole lot easier when they can tell you that they need to go…but…

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The re-set: When you’re at your wit’s end…time to do a re-set! Here’s how.

By Andrea Olson | June 11, 2019

What should you do when EC feels overwhelming, or you’re feeling unsuccessful, and you just need a break from it all. Or, what I like to call: The Re-set. Maybe…

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