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Biggest EC Tips

from real life examples

Baby 5

My tip: Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Every catch is a win, even if it’s one a week, it’s one less diaper to change. Try to make it fun and laid back for both of you with songs, toys and books. Just remember the goal is not to be potty trained years before everyone else, although that will likely happen, the goal is to have ongoing communication between you and your precious little one.
From: Colorado
Baby’s age: 14 months
Began EC: Part-time since my daughter was 3 months old

My tip: Don't expect perfection!!! EC is not about catching every single pee or poop, or even necessarily the majority of them. Expecting to do that will just stress you out (Been. There.). Try to think of it as a supplement to diapering, rather than a total replacement. Every catch you get is an amazing bonus, but the whole process itself is beneficial in familiarizing baby with using the potty from a young age.
My other tip is similar: don't expect EC to transition seamlessly to more and more catches and then just spontaneously "end" eventually. That was not our experience at all. It felt like we really stagnated with catches for several months around 10-15 months and a few months past there, and I couldn't figure out why he wasn't getting better at it! Then, once we switched from EC to potty training and took away those diaper back-ups, things improved drastically very quickly.
From: South Dakota
Baby’s age: 24 months
Began EC at: 1 month and potty trained at 15 months (night trained at 21 months)

My tips: - Read Tiny Potty (over and over and over again because it’s his favorite book) while LO is on the potty.
- When at home, use baby chaps and cloth nappies for easy pottytunities and monitoring of frequency without a mess.
- Spend potty time reading and talking to your baby.
- If nothing is forthcoming at the potty and you *know* LO has to go, try using the traditional EC hold over the sink (or wherever). Almost always works!
Jennie Shepherd
From: Apex NC
Baby’s age: one year old
Began EC at: 4 weeks

My tip: When you start EC, don't go into it with set expectations of when your child will stop having misses or reach potty independence. Our children and family situations are all unique. It's not a race to get the most catches or finish first. Remember that your child's signals, timing, and preferences will continue to change, so the way you practice elimination communication will need to evolve over time. Just relax and enjoy the strengthened communication with your child!
From: Honolulu, HI
Son’s age: 4-years-old
Began EC at: one-month-old. I look forward to EC'ing another baby this spring!

I found your website through some natural mothering site and was totally intrigued! I went through your newborn class before my little guy was born, so we were ready to start from Day 1! My husband was ambivalent at first, but I didn't tell him that EC was "a thing," so he could see how natural it is for the baby to use the potty. Now we both think the people who knowingly let their kids poop in diapers are the crazy ones ;-)
That's my best tip: to get your partner on board, don't make a big deal out of it, just show him that it works and is completely natural for the baby. It’s “first-class treatment.”
From: Wisconsin
Baby's age: 5-month-old baby boy
Began EC at: birth
I keep a natural mothering blog at

My tip: Baby is growing and changing all the time and so will his/her elimination schedule, cues, etc. When you think you’ve got it, relish the “I’m totally acing my catches!!” moments but don’t get too comfy as it could very well change tomorrow ;) Be flexible, be open, and be kind to yourself. The goal is listening to and helping your baby - not perfection. If you find you are getting frustrated, listen to or read the chapter on exactly that in Andrea’s book. She really has thought of everything.
From: I’m from the Philippines but living in Chicago, IL
Baby’s age: 13 months old
Began EC at: 6 days old. She is our second child. Our first is 3.5 years old - we didn’t do EC with him but potty trained him at 20 months using your potty training book.
My business/website:

My tip: Always remember that it's about COMMUNICATION.

Not perfection.

Even misses help baby and parent learn.
So, don’t be too hard on yourself!


Rachel and Samson, 13 months

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