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Welcome Coaches/Trainees!


If you'd like to be a regular HOST on the GDF Podcast...

mother listening to podcast

Calling all coaches and trainees!

Do you have an awesome speaking voice and a super-relatable personality?

Lots of ideas on little things you can teach people about EC and potty training?

Well, Andrea is looking to add one awesome podcaster to the crew at Go Diaper Free.

If you're interested(training, the next 3 months of topics - Q+As from our audience that we've already recorded - and equipment provided!), please send a 1-2 minute speaking sample to us BELOW by Monday October 17 5pm EST.

Even if you don't feel "ready" to take something like this on, but this email peaks your interest, please apply!!! You never know.

*We will purchase a microphone for you if you're selected (if you don't have one already), and you will be compensated either for your time or via affiliate commissions for your posts/pages...all to be negotiated.

Don't be shy, apply!

No fancy mic or gear required to audition - just your smart phone!

Have fun. xx Andrea

Thanks again for submitting your audition - I can't wait to listen to it.

Let's spread elimination communication, together!


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