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Stop over-offering and second-guessing yourself…and become a potty pro (or at least better than you were last week!) with this app.

The Log by Go Diaper Free. The best app for potty training and elimination communication

log everything effortlessly

Whether you are potty training your toddler or doing elimination communication (EC or infant potty training) with your 0-18 month baby, you need this app!

Observation time is key for knowing your little one’s natural timing intervals (how often s/he goes potty) and keeping track of any baby signals (or “peepee dances”) you see.

keep track of multiple babies or toddlers

Track one or more babies, keep the logs separate, and easily re-set the data to start a new observation sesh any time (I recommend you re-log your child’s rhythms every few months or so to keep it fresh!).

set a potty alarm based on the log

Set a potty time alarm based on your baby’s actual timing intervals, so your smart phone can remind you throughout the day when to offer a “pottytunity” - or chance to go potty.

If you have a toddler you’re potty training or wrapping up EC with, you can use this app to set an alarm based on your observations - welcome to your new potty training alarm app!

create and view reports for safekeeping and sharing

No more paper printouts and chicken-scratch logging, no more guessing “how often does my little actually pee or poop?”…now you can simply open the app and, starting at either waking or feeding, track how often your baby or toddler goes. Then download a PDF of your results.

*You can also take a note of your little one’s signals or other observations by long-pressing the activity button, as you go.

zoom out and review your intervals

After starting potty training, or if you’re doing EC…after a few hours of observation time (or a few days if you’re really inquisitive)…visit the Reports screen to easily see your baby’s intervals in graph or written format.

learn more about elimination communication

PS - if you’re stinking at potty training, learn more with the free classes inside the app. If you don’t know what EC is, it’s the natural alternative to diaper dependence and potty training, and it starts as early as birth to 18 months. It’s what people have done for all of human history, long before diapers were invented. We also have a free class and books on that.

learn more about ellimination communication

shop for the right tools and equip your to handle you EC journey easily.

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