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You’re gonna get 8 weekly hour-long zoom (or in Asheville) intimate groups with me

Plus membership in my Tiny Undies Buyers Club, where you get 20% off everything, every month, for 8 weeks. You’ll also get an exclusive increase to a max of 50% commissions if you’re part of our GDF Mombassador Program (fancy terms for our referral program).

Membership ($2000 Value)

Tiny Undies Buyer's Club 8 week access ($$$ in savings)

Mombassador commission upgrade ($$$ earnings upgrade)

8 Week Potty Training Mastermind Group

  • ✓ 8-week Potty Training Mastermind Group Access
  • ✓ Tiny Undies Buyer's Club 8 Week Access
  • ✓ Mombassador Commission Upgrade

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