Go Diaper Free: A simple handbook for elimination communication

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The Go Diaper Free book is a hands-on experience of exactly how to start, maintain, and complete Elimination Communication with babies 0-18 months. The book simplifies the infant potty training process into a step-by-step guide divided by age.

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Product Description

Why the Go Diaper Free book was written

Over 1/2 of the world's children are out of diapers by 1 year of age, but the average potty training age in Westernized countries is getting older and older, leaving parents wondering: What did people do before diapers? How do I help my own baby out of diapers sooner? Why are we so behind?

The Go Diaper Free book was written so new parents can avoid years of diaper dependence, potty training struggles, diaper rash, and unexplained fussiness. For those considering infant potty training, in the middle of a potty pause, or confused about how to begin, the Go Diaper Free book makes everything simpler.

The #1 rated Elimination Communication book is divided up by newborn, mobile baby, and young toddler ages (no one else teaches starting EC “older” the way this book does).

100s of full-color photos, easy-to-follow flowcharts, and clear drawings demonstrate exactly how to do Elimination Communication.

The Go Diaper Free book covers the most common challenges of EC including: Part-time EC, Nighttime EC, Starting EC Older (5-18 mos), Praise, Potty Pauses, and ECing while breastfeeding, in the city, in nature, or while traveling.

About the Author

Andrea Olson, M.A., wrote the Go Diaper Free book to be an inclusive resource for parents. She is considered a pioneer and leader in the field, from birth through toddlerhood. She has her Master's Degree in Psychology and presently lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband and children. She is also author of The Tiny Potty Training Book, a simple guide to non-coercive potty training for toddlers 18 months and up.

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