Potty Pause Resolution MiniCourse

because potty pauses suck

Who this course is for

Stuck in a dreadful potty pause? My minicourse will bring you relief.

If your baby has been resisting the potty for longer than you'd like, one or both of you are regularly upset or in tears, or ECing was once smooth and now it's hell (or non-existent)...you are in the right place, my dear!

Potty pauses can last anywhere from 3 days of resistance to 4 or more months of power struggle and refusal. (I told you they suck.)

If you're doing elimination communication, pauses are the epitomy of feeling like a failure.

This course was tailor-made for those of you going through (or hoping to avoid) a pause. Let's look inside, shall we?

why your baby resists the potty

specific plans to get through a pause, and

how to prevent a pause from happening again (or being quite so dreadful).

Now, let's get a little deeper into what's inside

First, we'll cover the what, when, and why of the potty pause conundrum so you can orient yourself.

(Remember, 40% of the families I serve named the Pause as their #1 problem...you're not alone in this.)

Next, I'll help you shift the vibe, tweak the environment, + re-learn your babe.

Finally, we'll take a look at your personal situation and what's causing this, the Big Moves you can take today, and exactly what to teach your baby to move through this with much more ease and, dare I say, fun.

Sound like a plan?

How it works (and is dummy-proof)

When you click "enroll" + complete your purchase, you get immediate lifetime access and can begin learning right away.

You're a busy mom (or dad)...so this course is bite-sized and lean. It only includes what you need to know, and it's all presented as though I'm in your home, coaching you face-to-face.

You'll have conversations with other students, and occasionally me, throughout the course with our handy commenting system (read: support!).

This is all new stuff. If you already have my book, this course takes a deep dive into what's presented there about pauses and takes it even further. (If you don't have my book, you'll get a generous coupon within the course itself.)

What's your learning pleasure?

This course comes in 3 formats that all teach the same material in the way that YOU prefer:

video that saves your place + autocompletes - in case you get interrupted by a little one, or life, or if you want to binge-watch

audio that you can listen to from the class page OR download to your phone exactly like a musical album to listen instead of watch, and

a written transcript for those moments when "quiet" is where it's at.

Plus, you can learn from any device, anytime, + have lifetime access in case you need this course again with this or a future child.

I am also a mom (of 4 under 6) so I get it.

This minicourse is set up exactly the way I would prefer to learn, as a busy mom with very little bandwidth for such luxuries as video courses.

I've chopped it up into bite-sized pieces and we'll save your place if you get distracted (yes I mention that twice).

You need that, mama. I gotcha.

Course Curriculum

A little preview

Here's a sample lecture so you can get your feet wet and know what you're getting yourself into:

A handful of hands-on bonus material

Some things are better learned hands-on. Getting through a potty pause definitely falls into this category!

This course includes bonus material such as:

a video series of my 3 year old teaching your child the basic skills s/he needs

full instructions on how to do a re-set so you can get into prime position before working your way through the pause

video demonstrations showing how much space to give to create an environment of privacy and how to handle a child who says "no," and

a handful of downloads, simple supply lists, and photographs that equip you with what you need...no more, no less.

Buy the MiniCourse

For less than a week's worth of chai lattés, you can own this minicourse for a lifetime and get through that nasty potty pause, once and for all. Buy the course now for $17 and begin learning instantly - or get it inside the 7 MiniCourse Bundle for a limited time at $79 (learn more about that bundle here):

Potty Pause MiniCourse

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  • full written transcript
  • interaction with peers + instructor
  • a number of bonus demo videos
  • Tiny Potty board ebook

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