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Can you imagine life without diaper dependence*?

How about a week?

Take the #GoDiaperFree Challenge any week of the year with help from Andrea Olson, author of Go Diaper Free (the popular Elimination Communication handbook).


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After starting infant potty training at birth with her 1st child, and not really getting her learning needs met, Andrea Olson decided to gather all the existing teachings into one place and simplify it for other new parents…which became her EC book. Since then, it’s been newly updated, expanded, and streamlined, and is currently offered with hands-on learning tools and personal support…essentials for anyone wanting to free themselves from diaper dependence (go “diaper-free”) with Elimination Communication.

Go Diaper Free Book

*”Diaper-free” does not mean naked all the time and peeing wherever, whenever. It means being free from exclusive dependence upon diapers. Learn more here.

Thanks for taking The Go Diaper Free Challenge this week!