Elimination Communication

Diaper independence for 0-18 month babies

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What is Elimination Communication?

Quite simply, EC is a gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural pottying needs, from as early as birth, which honors her instincts to not soil herself, her caretaker, or her sleep space. Just like responding to a baby’s request for food or sleep, you can zoom out a tad and also respond to a baby’s request for diaper free potty time.

Elimination Communication helps us learn how to tune in to what they’re asking for, provide it however often we can, and build the trust that builds two-way communication along the way. Eventually, we can teach them the building blocks they’ll need to “graduate” from Elimination Communication and be totally diaper free. (Kind of like with eating and sleeping.)

EC is what parents have been doing for 100,000's of years, before diapers were invented. Babies are born signaling their desire for hygiene, just as a wolf pup won't soil his den. Pottying your baby can make life with a little one cleaner, easier, and much more connected.

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The Basics of EC

Elimination Communication is a gentle way to honor your baby’s inborn instincts about elimination (pee and poo).“Diaper-free” does not necessarily mean the absence of diapers.


Getting Started

The first step to starting Elimination Communication with your baby is observation. Obviously, this is most easily done prior to the commencement of crawling and walking.


What to Expect

EC Graduation, or diaper independence, can occur between 6 and 24 months depending on your definition of completion. A reasonable expectation is 10-20 months to done.


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